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Alexander Hamilton is on the $10 bill.
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The United States ten-dollar bill ($10) is a denomination of U.S. currency. The obverse of the bill features the portrait of Alexander Hamilton, who ... 1862: The first $10 United States Note was issued with a face design similar to the 1861 ...


Presidents on dollar bills: below is a breakdown of all the presidents, and some ... dollar bill - something interesting to have for those who collect currency or just ... Face on $10 ten dollar bill: Alexander Hamilton. He was not a President. $10


Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Bill: How He Got There and Why It Matters ... plan to bump his predecessor's portrait from the face of the $10 bill by the year 2020 ... men currently featured on the nation's currency who did not serve as president.


Jun 25, 2015 ... Just two (male) faces have ever appeared on the $10. ... Treasury Department will give the $10 bill a face-lift in 2020, replacing Hamilton's portrait with ... by the public who was a champion for democracy in the United States.


Apr 20, 2016 ... Alexander Hamilton will stay on the front of the $10 bill, and Harriett ... the $10 bill , and Harriet Tubman will boot Andrew Jackson from the face of the $20. ... Tubman, who died in 1913 at the age of 91, escaped slavery in the ...


Jun 17, 2015 ... The US Treasury Department announced a redesigned $10 bill to be revealed ... A decision on who the woman will be won't be made for several months. ... to the faces on our currency a few times since bills were first put into ...


Apr 24, 2016 ... It wasn't just the popular Broadway show.


Apr 20, 2016 ... Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist who helped rescue slaves, in the late 1800s. Credit H. B. ... Here Are the New Faces on $5, $10 and $20 Bills.


Face on $10 Ten dollar bill: Alexander Hamilton. He was not a President. He was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury and one of the Founding ...