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The emerging market smartphone war: who will be the ultimate ...


The emerging market smartphone war: who will be the ultimate winner? By Marco Veremis February 03, 2015 Mobile phones ...

Platform wars: the final score — Benedict Evans


Jul 25, 2016 ... The platform wars and over and Apple and Google both won. ... The smartphone platform wars are pretty much over, and Apple and Google won. .... but most of those people are in emerging markets and most will be buying .... 9 months, based on the numbers given by Google and Apple, who are after all in ...

Has Apple won the smartphone war? - USA Today


Jan 30, 2015 ... After a record-setting shipment of 74.5 million iPhones in the 4th quarter, it certainly looks that way, despite the lopsided market share rankings.

Who will win the smartphone OS war? - Mobile Industry Review


Jan 14, 2015 ... Which mobile smartphone OS will end up winning the battle for hearts ... market share is from users in emerging markets who aren't wealthy.

Who Won The Smartphone Wars: Google Or Apple? | Tech.pinions ...


Jan 24, 2016 ... The iPhone took the high end of the market, Android took the low end and ...... Apple is growing marketshare because end users choose to buy the integrated ..... It would be like Taco Bell winning the restaurant wars, and all ...

Smartphone wars: Who's winning where | InfoWorld


Feb 20, 2015 ... Smartphone wars: Who's winning where ... iPhone dominates second place in some countries, Windows Phone dominates in other countries, ...

The Great Smartphone War: Apple vs. Samsung | Vanity Fair


iSPY Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee, who was convicted of tax evasion in 2008 and ... when Samsung launched the Galaxy S, a new entry into the smartphone market. ... The designers studied it with growing disbelief. ..... Ericsson—that Apple would have to develop something revolutionary to win a seat at the table.

It Looks Like the Smartphone War Is Over - Tom's Guide


Nov 3, 2016 ... With nearly 88 percent of the smartphone market locked up, Android now ... it a more attractive operating system option in emerging markets. ... in the third quarter was a contingent of people who were holding off on ... Nevertheless, Apple continues to win the battle it cares about most: premium handsets.

Apple Vs. Samsung: Who Could Win The Smartphone War? - Forbes


Aug 20, 2013 ... ... get their smartphone users to determine who could win the smartphone wars. ... While having higher market share of any given market is not ...

How to Understand the Google-Apple Smartphone War - Recode


Dec 11, 2014 ... The global smartphone war is a much more complex competition than simple ... The conventional wisdom is that, of the two players who count, Google, ... We won't know how the new models are doing for a while, but early numbers .... $100 phones for emerging markets that can carry the Google app suite.