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In Italian folklore, Befana is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on ... She leaves all the good children toys and candy (" caramelle") or fruit, while the bad chi...

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Dec 11, 2011 ... Gian Carlo Macchi wrote about Christmas in Italy and how the one who brings presents to children differs from region to region. Here's his note:.

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Santa Claus (called "Babbo Natale", i.e. Daddy Christmas) on Dec. 25th. But in In Italy, on Jan. 6th (corresponding to Epiphany date), there is also an old lady ...

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Nov 25, 2013 ... Ask an Italian when her family opens gifts, and it might give you a clue to where ... believe that the blind Saint Lucia brings gifts for children on December 13, ... The Epiphany is when la befana—a kind of “good witch” who is ...

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Written for his children in 1823, the family poem was later published for the general ... sing or read a poem, sometimes asking if they were good, and of course giving presents. ... For many of these countries Baby Jesus, el Niño Jesus, brings gifts for children. ... In Italy Babbo Natale, which means Father Christmas, is Santa.

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It actually means 'Good Christmas.' ... In Italy, some children write their Christmas letters to Babbo Natale and others write to ... some Italian children find presents left by Father Christmas, and others find gifts that .... In order to apologise for her decision to stay at home, every year she brings gifts to children on the...

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The Befana tradition in Italy. ... She brings candies and many gifts! ... she leaves candies and gifts for good children, black coal (actually black sugar today), ...

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The Christmas season in Italy goes for three weeks, starting 8 days before ... St Nicholas visits, and brings good children gifts, and for those children who are bad  ...

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In Italy, Epiphany is the time of “La Befana,” the legendary Good Witch of ... of Rome on her broom, and brings gifts to the good children or coal for the bad ones .

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Dec 24, 2014 ... Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) brings you gifts on 24 Dec and La Befana ... to Santa Claus asking for presents, Italian children write letters to tell ...

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Children anxiously await a visit from La Befana who brings gifts for the good and punishment for the bad. According to legend, the three wise men stopped ...

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Read about Traditions and Celebrations for Christmas in Italy. ... Children write letters to St Nicholas asking for gifts and they hang up either a sock ... If the children have been good children throughout the last year, they will get ... Nowadays, 'Babbo Natale', the Father Christmas, brings presents to children on Christmas...

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On the eve of January 6th, Befana flies from house to house on her old broomstick and delivers all the gifts she didn't give to the Holy Child to good girls and ...