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Electoral College (United States)


The United States Electoral College is the institution that elects the President ..... A faithless elector is one who casts an electoral vote for someone other than the ...

U. S. Electoral College: Who Are the Electors? How Do They Vote?


Use the Electoral College Calculator to predict who will win the next ... On Election Day, the voters in each State choose the Electors by casting votes for the  ...

U. S. Electoral College, Official - What is the Electoral College?


Use the Electoral College Calculator to predict who will win the next presidential ... The electors meet in their respective states, where they cast their votes for ...

How Does the Electoral College Work? - ABC News


They actually elect "electors," who make up the Electoral College and cast the critical electoral votes for the nation's top two jobs. The following is an Electoral ...

What Is The Electoral College? How It Works And Why It Matters


Nov 6, 2012 ... The Electoral College is made up of 538 electors who cast votes to decide the President and ... When does the Electoral College cast its votes?

ThisNation.com--What is the Electoral College and how does it work?


Instead of just tallying the total number of votes cast across the nation in presidential elections, votes are counted state-by-state. The winner of the popular vote ...

Electoral College - Project Vote Smart


On the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, voters cast their ballots. These votes go towards a block of electors who, in turn, will vote for a certain ...

The Electoral College - Fairvote


Though the public votes for the party as a whole, the electors cast individual votes ... An election with no Electoral College majority could occur in two ways; if two ...

Selecting Electors - How the Electoral College Works | HowStuffWorks


Selecting Electors - As we learned in the 2000 election, the electoral college plays a huge role in ... whose name you don't even know -- who would cast a presidential vote on your behalf? ... The process can actually differ from state to state.

Does my vote count? Understanding the electoral college - Learn NC


In practice, however, electors are pledged to cast their votes in accordance with the popular vote, and "faithless electors" who go against the popular vote are ...

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Q: Who casts the electoral vote?
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Q: Can somebody explain what exactly are electoral votes and who cas...
A: The Electoral college is made up of member of the US Congress. Each states gets two for each US Senator plus the amount for each US Representative. That's why h... Read More »
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Q: Can a member of the electoral college cast his vote for anyone re...
A: Every elector pledges to vote for a particular ticket (Presidential and Vice Presidential team) but only 27 of the 51 governments that appoint the electors have... Read More »
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Q: Who casts the electorate vote for president?
A: The electorates from each state cast their states electoral Read More »
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Q: Who casts the Electoral Vote?
A: they are cast by the electoral candidates who belong to the Electoral College consists of 538 popularly elected representatives who formally select the Presiden... Read More »
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