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Study: Who's more likely to cheat in a relationship - USA Today


Jun 1, 2015 ... This story originally appeared on Newser: More from Newser: Newser is a USA TODAY content partner providing general news, commentary ...

Are Men More Likely to Cheat than Women? | Men's Health


Sep 28, 2015 ... Women may be more apt to meet someone first—for example, at work or out at a bar—feel sparks, form a relationship, and then cheat.

The Science Of Infidelity: Why Women Are More Likely To Cheat On ...


Jun 17, 2015 ... No one can know for sure, but there is genetic evidence.

Infidelity Statistics - Truth About Deception


But listed below are some of the most well-supported facts about cheating. ... are more likely to stray as relationships fall apart; also see, who is likely to cheat).

Sex and Relationship Advice: Infidelity Rates and a Sexless ... - AARP


Jul 1, 2015 ... Q: In a recent column you said that in most long-term marriages that fail, men are generally the ones who cheat on their wives. I'd like to know ...

Who Is Likely to Cheat - Truth About Deception


who cheats, opportunity cheating, relationship problems cheating. ... The more one is in demand, the more likely one is to cheat. People who have higher ...

Who Cheats More: Women or Men? - Women's Health


Nov 1, 2012 ... More men and women are guilty of cheating and infidelity, according to a new study. Here, relationship advice for those considering cheating.

What Counts As Cheating In a Relationship? - AskMen


Aug 9, 2016 ... As a psychiatrist in the Brown University faculty, I've been researching men, women, marriage and relationships for more than a decade. In that ...

Are men really more unfaithful than women? - BBC News - BBC.com


Jun 2, 2012 ... Why are we so interested in trying to suggest that men cheat more than ... It's also worth noting that some relationships are open, and in such ...

Who cheats more, men or women? - Quora


Yes. "According to the New York Times, the most consistent data on infidelity comes from the ... Marcus Geduld, Former dateless nerd, now 20 years into a relationship. Written Oct 7, 2013. Yes. "According to the New York Times, the most ...

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Cheating Statistics: Do Men Cheat More Than Women? | Fox News ...


Cheating statistics in the United States are increasing every year at an amazing rate. Long lasting marriages or relationships seem to be harder to achieve and ...

Women More Likely To Cheat Than Men, According To Science ...


Apr 2, 2015 ... But that's not the only reason why women are more likely to cheat on ... It's important to remember that all relationships take work and none are ...

Who's Likely to Cheat? - ABC News


More than 50 percent of all married women, at some point, cheat on their mates, ... Experts say that passion wanes in almost all relationships in the first year after  ...