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I've always been really interested in dreams and some can be highly hilarious or just plain creepy. I haven't gone to sleep yet and I can only remember my ...

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May 1, 2015 ... Almost everyone has dreams when they sleep. I would like to read a few of yours from last night. Was your dream a repeat of a previous?

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Oh, I get crazy dreams all the time. Last night was one of the most craziest ones. It had comedy, apprehension, horror, all within the same dream. I was sitt...

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120 discussion posts. Annie said: here you can share your best, scary, and funny dreams:, Elizabeth said: Can I share when I slept while walking? Sleepwa...

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Oct 16, 2015 ... The Dream Song ( Nathan Reich ) Vintage Photo-montage - Duration: ... (Cover) What Did I Miss (Last Night I Had a Dream About a Dream) ...

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Oct 8, 2015 ... Do you still remember your dreams in the morning? What was the last dream you remember? I was walking by a homeless man who was ...

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Feb 16, 2013 ... I love hearing what people's minds can dream of. So much insane ... Best Answer : I had a wierd vivid one last night, now that you mention it.

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I'm posting this since I had this very absurd dream last night - we all dream about weird stuff, but this particular dream has followed me throughout the whole day ...

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I had my vampire dream again....I have it often and it is a treat, even though it scares me half to death. I was in this old Victorian house in a...

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There was a time when Marc Ian Barasch paid scant attention to his dreams. Like many people, he viewed them as intriguing but forgettable, “a nocturnal ...

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Jul 11, 2013 ... by Becca Hafter ¶ I asked strangers around Manhattan and Philadelphia about their most recent dreams. ¶ Cherrie: A test, because I had a test ...

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... you dream about last night? i dont remember friends crushes celebs falling drowning family um other... ill talk about my dream in. ... Did you dream last night ?

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I had a dream I took a train to Germany it was really beautiful there. 1 LikeLike · Comment · Share ... What's the wierdest dream you've had? What did you dream  ...