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Cheese Facts
Cheese can be roughly defined as a coagulated milk product. It is made by introducing bacteria or enzymes into the milk to separate the actual curds (milk solids) from the whey (liquids). Cheese can come from whole or skimmed milk, cream or... More »
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The earliest ever discovered preserved cheese was found in the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang, China, and it dates back as early as 1615 BCE.

History of Cheese | International Dairy Foods Association


According to ancient records passed down through the centuries, the making of cheese dates back more than 4,000 years. No one really knows who made the ...

How a Massive Environmental Crisis Led to the Invention of Cheese ...


Apr 16, 2015 ... A version of this article was originally published on Gastropod. This is the story you'll often hear about how humans discovered cheese: One ...

World's oldest cheese discovered with 3,500-year-old Chinese ...


Feb 27, 2014 ... Plenty of cheeses get better with age, but crumbs discovered on the necks and chests of Chinese mummies are now thought to be the world's ...

Holy Cow! First Cheesemakers Date Back 7,500 Years - LiveScience


Dec 12, 2012 ... Cheese evolved after the development of dairy farming, which helped ..... Someone at some point discovered (probably by accident) that ...

BBC Food - Evidence of world's 'oldest' cheese-making found


Dec 12, 2012 ... Milk residues are found on 7500-year-old pottery cheese-making vessels in Poland.

The History of Cheese - Food Reference - About.com


The production of cheese predates recorded history and was most likely discovered by accident during the transport of fresh milk in the organs of ruminants.

LGOL27 : History of Cheese


The Start: Archaeologists have discovered that as far back as 6000 BC cheese had been made from cow's and goat's milk and stored in tall jars. Egyptian tomb ...

The History of Cheese - Today I Found Out


Apr 17, 2013 ... What we do know for sure is that cheese predates recorded history. It may have originated accidentally in Arabia like the story goes, or it could ...

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Q: Who discovered cheese and how?
A: We cannot know for certain when the first cheese was actually made. According to experts, it may have happened in the Middle East, sometime around 7000 BC. It w... Read More »
Source: www.experts123.com
Q: Who discovered cheese?
A: It is believed that 3,500 years ago, an Asian traveler set out on a long journey across a hot desert. He probably carried a canteen filled with milk to satisfy ... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Who discovered cheese?
A: They say it was an Arab shepherd. As he traveled from his village to a distant place, he'd put milk to drink in a bag made of calf's stomach. Calf's stomach con... Read More »
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Q: Who discovered cheese burgers?
A: Frank and Charles Menches are often credited with having invented the hamburger sandwic... Read More »
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Q: Who discovered cheese and pineapple
A: The first person who paired Cheese & Pineapple chunks on a stick remains unknown. There was a rumour that TV's Judith Hann invented it. Read More »
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