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Ancient Greek philosophers posited that the Earth was round as early as 6th Century B.C.
It is not definitively known which scientist first proved that the Earth is spherical. The discovery is variably attributed to Pythagoras, Zeno, or Hesiod.


The earliest reliably documented mention of the spherical Earth concept dates from around the .... "My conviction is that the Earth is a round body in the centre of the heavens, and therefore has no need of air or of any similar force to be a support". .... Some ideas were found possible to preserve, although in altered form.


Sep 21, 2011 ... So give the credit where credit is due, to Eratosthenes, for discovering the Earth was round, and performing the first accurate calculation of its ...


Dec 12, 2004 ... Even in ancient times sailors knew that the Earth was round and ... from Egypt are not seen further north The full quotation can be found here.


Jan 26, 2016 ... The fact that Earth is round has been common knowledge ever since ... He discovered that at noon in one Egyptian city, the Sun was directly ...


It has actually been known that the Earth was round since the time of the ancient Greeks. I believe that it was Pythagoras who first proposed that the Earth was ...


Actually, some cultures knew Earth to be round long long ago and didn't have a need to prove it ... How can you prove that the earth is round (spherical) as found by Greek ppl thousands years before the Galileo? Is it proved totally that earth is  ...


Jan 26, 2016 ... We knew that Earth was round long before we ever went to space. ... were, myself included, and he is still credited by some for this discovery.

Dec 11, 2014 ... How did Ancient Greek Philosophers Know the Earth was Round? ... Who discover that the world is round Many Years beforeChristopher ...


The discovery that the Earth is round is most commonly ascribed to the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, while the credit for proving it is usually given to ...