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Are Men Better Drivers Than Women? - Reader's Digest

BUT… how someone drives doesn't necessarily equal how well he drives. Men do seem to be more proficient than women at certain driving tasks. However, this  ...

Women are, after all, better drivers than men - Telegraph

May 15, 2015 ... Women are, after all, better drivers than men. Female drivers outscore males in ... Why women drivers drive me mad · • Audi posts sexist tweets ...

Bad news guys - women ARE 'better drivers than men' - Daily Express

May 15, 2015 ... But now it looks like the battle over who is the better driver has finally been won - by WOMEN, according to a new survey. In what could set the ...

Are men better drivers than women? |

Only one woman's name even comes to the forefront, and that is for no other reason than media hype. Men drive better than women. Always have, and always  ...

Are women better drivers than men? One study has suggested they ...

May 15, 2015 ... The study showed that women were better drivers than men in almost all ... between how men think they drive and how they actually drive.".

Are Men Better Drivers Than Women? - ABC News -

Jun 15, 2011 ... The accidents occurred during "personal travel" and since men drive about 60 percent of the time compared to 40 percent by women, the ...

Men or Women – Who are the better Drivers - Octagon

Are women better drivers? Traditionally, lady driver car insurance has been cheaper than men's because women are safer drivers. They have fewer accidents ...

10 Reasons why Men are Better Drivers than Women

Oct 28, 2010 ... While many credible studies show that women don't tend to drink and drive as often as men, or that their maternal instincts make them more ...

Men vs. Women: Who are the better drivers? Study shows two sides ...

Aug 28, 2014 ... ... over a boyfriend's contention that men are better drivers than women by ... Young females were 28 percent more likely to drive on a restricted ...

Men vs Women: Who Drives Better? -

The debate regarding who drives better when it comes to men and women is finally other. According to these facts, women are clearly better drivers.

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Q: Who drives better men or women?
A: women Read More »
Q: Who drives better men or women?
A: Men without a doubt, most men can drive a golf ball at least 250 yards off the tee. That is why women's tees are further forward. Read More »
Q: Who drives better men or women?
A: According to a car insurance company, men are better drivers, but I think it's a matte... Read More »
Q: Who drives better, Men or women?
A: If we compare the best drivers each gender then the answer is men. If we are viewing the general population it would depend on your metric. Perhaps women are be... Read More »
Q: Who drives better? Men or Women?
A: Hmmm well I wouldnt know cuz I dont drive, ut I have tried to drive one time [almost ran into a kid than i almost hit our mailbox] sooo ima guys drive better? l... Read More »