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The main participants in World War I were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Romania, and the United States.


Bulgaria declared war on Serbia, 12 October and joined in the ... The Serbian army, fighting on two fronts and facing certain ...


Find out more about the history of World War I History, including videos, interesting articles, ... The One Thing You Should Know About WWI 4min ... Germany began fighting World War I on two fronts, invading France through neutral Belgium in ...



The first World War began as a local war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia in 1914. It grew ... 1. The Allies fought against the Central Powers in World War I.


World War I was one of the great watersheds of 20th-century geopolitical history. ... were fighting heavily on two fronts before the U.S. entered the war in 1917.


Jan 6, 2015 ... WW1 allies the German Reich and Austria-Hungary. ... The war quickly involved countries not part of the Triple Entente, so the opposing side ...


World War I summary: The war fought between July 28, 1914, and November 11, ... A number of smaller nations aligned themselves with one side or the other.


World War I was a major conflict fought between 1914 and 1918. ... Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria on one side and Russia and Romania on the other.


Jun 29, 2016 ... Meet Horace, the 14 year-old boy from Leeds who fought in WW1. The opposing sides were: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy who were ...


I was going to write a whole answer for this, but honestly, I don't think anything I can write would be better than Captain Edmund Blackadder's explanation. Baldrick: ...