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Percy Shaw, of Halifax England, invented the cat's eye reflective road marker in 1934.


Percy Shaw, OBE (15 April 1890 – 1 September 1976) was an English inventor and businessman. He patented the reflective road stud or "cat's eye" in 1934, ...


The cat's eye is a retroreflective safety device used in road marking and was the first of a range ... The inventor of cat's eyes was Percy Shaw of Boothtown, Halifax , West Yorkshire, England. When the tram-lines were removed in the nearby ...


Nov 29, 2007 ... Cat's eyes were invented by Halifax man Percy Shaw 70 years ago, after he was inspired by the sight of his car headlamps reflected in the eyes ...


Aug 10, 2016 ... Percy Shaw (1890-1976) was an English inventor best know for inventing cat's eye road studs in 1934. Cat's eyes are the road reflectors which ...


They were invented as result of an encounter with a cat one foggy night as Percy ... two points of light, the headlights had caught the eyes of a cat on a fence.


Cat eyes were invented by Percy Shaw of Halifax, Yorkshire in England in 1933.


... jobs he used the skills he had gained to invent the Catseye reflective roadstud. ... such contraptions, which would in turn lead him to inventing his “Catseyes”.

May 1, 2017 ... The cat's eye, is a retroreflective safety device, used in road marking, and was the first of a range of raised pavement markers. It originated in ...


Sep 4, 2015 ... Cats eyes on British roads could become history after the government ... The original reflective cat's eye stud was invented in the 1930s by ...