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The first evidence of people ice skating is from Scandinavia and southern Finland about 4-5000 years ago, though the first steel-bladed ice skates were invented by the Dutch in the 13th or 14th century.


Ice skates are boots with blades attached to the bottom, used to propel the bearer across a .... Jump up ^ Old Norse Bone Skates; Jump up ^ Bone Ice Skates Invented by Ancient Finns, Study Says, nationalgeographic.com; Jump up ...


Ice skating is the act of moving on ice by using ice skates. It can be done for a variety of reasons ... Adding edges to ice skates was invented by the Dutch in the 13th or 14th century. These ice skates were made of steel, with sharpened edges  ...


Ice skates have been around for a really long time. An ancient pair of ice skates was found at the bottom of a lake in northern Europe. Scientists estimate the ...


Jan 4, 2008 ... Ice-skating—the oldest human-powered means of transportation—was invented in Finland not for fun but for survival, according to a new study.


Dec 24, 2007 ... Ice skating is enjoying a revival as a family day out - but 5000 years ago it was invented as a means of survival, say scientists.


Dec 24, 2007 ... The oldest form of human-powered transport was ice skating, and was invented in northern Europe around five thousand years ago.


May 31, 2012 ... Ever wonder how ice skating began and has developed over the centuries? Find out in this timeline highlighting the evolution of ice skating.


Ice skates were revolutionised in 1914 when a blade maker from Minnesota, USA invented the first closed toe blade which was made from one piece of steel.


Not much progress was made in the world of ice skates until 1848 when the first all steel clamp was invented. This was shortly followed by the introduction of the ...