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A USB flash drive, also variously known as a USB drive, USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive, .... Hardware designers later developed EEPROMs with the erasure region broken up into smaller "fields...

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Feb 13, 2013 ... To read this article from Wikipedia, click on: USB flash drive. Creator controversy. USB flash drives were invented by Amir Ban, Dov Moran and ...

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Apr 23, 2015 ... Though the initial invention remains disputable, it wasn't until late in 2000 that the first USB flash drive was sold in the U.S. by I.B.M. This drive, ...

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The first USB technology began development in 1994, co-invented by Ajay Bhatt of Intel and ... The year 2000 also introduced the USB flash drive—a rewritable ...

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USB Flash Drives (also known as a memory stick or pen drive) ... Flash memory ( both NOR and NAND types) was invented by Doctor Masuoka while working for ...

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Apr 19, 2013 ... Dov Moran, the inventor credited with the creation of the USB flash drive, has declared that his product is "dying", as the world speeds towards ...

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Sep 4, 2013 ... Computer users have come to rely on USB flash drives. ... There is still some dispute about who created the first version, but most credit ...

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Jun 14, 2013 ... USB flash drives are perhaps the purest form of two distinct pieces of ... Flash memory was invented at Toshiba in the nineteen-eighties.

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USB flash drives are small drives (usually about a half inch wide by 3 inches long ) that can store very large amounts of information. As of 2009, high-end flash ...

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Second Generation Flash Drive Created. Added higher maximum bandwidth of 480 Mbit/s (60 MB/s) (now called "Hi-Speed"). Further modifications to the USB ...

There are many different claims on the invention of the USB Flash Drive, however Trek Technology and IBM sold the first USB flash drive commercially in 2000.
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The flash drive was invented in 1999. ... involved a USB cable and a memory unit , whereas Shimon Shmueli's September patent was for a USB memory stick.

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Aug 12, 2011 ... In the history of who invented USB flash drive, there is no one name that pops up. What we don't realize about most inventions—the flash drive ...

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Feb 20, 2010 ... IBM and Trek Technologies introduced the world's first USB Flash Drives in 2000. Although these companies didn't invent the Universal Serial ...