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Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed ..... Invented in 1829, its popularity spread rapidly: it has mostly been associated with the common people,...

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... 1822, as the inventor of the accordion, while others give the distinction to Cyril Demian of Vienna, who patented his Accordion in 1829, thus coining the name.

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The accordion has a long history and in order to understand it, one must look at the ... In 1829, Sir Charles Wheatstone of England invented what he called the ...

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Among the families of instruments, the accordion is classified as a “free reed ... called “accordion” was first patented by a man named Cyril Demian in 1829 in ... Within a decade or two after its invention, accordions were made not only in its ...

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The first accordions were invented in the early nineteenth century. In Germany, Christian .... Invention credited to Damian of Vienna, 1829. Cite this article

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Charles Wheatstone was the inventor of an improved accordion in 1829.

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It was written as a patent on the 23rd of May, 1829 for piano and organ maker Cyrill Demian ... in Vienna 'on the invention of a new instrument, called accordion .

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He was, in fact, the first to patent an instrument of that name, having received royal patronage for his invention in 1829 but the first true accordion made its ...

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1829 – Cyrillus Damian, a Viennese instrument maker, patented an instrument he named accordion, having received royal patronage for his invention in 1829 in  ...

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It is always difficult to say "when" something was invented. ... We usually think of the early Nineteenth Century as the period in which the accordion first occurred, but ... In 1829, an improved instrument called the Akkordion, made by C. Demain,  ...

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Cyril Damien invented the accordion in 1829 and is also known as the squeezebox or melodeon.

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It had a keyboard, one or two sets of bellows, and, unlike the accordion and other ... of that name, having received royal patronage for his invention in 1829.

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HISTORY: The accordion was invented by Friedrich Buschmann in 1822 in Berlin . He called invention the Handäoline. In 1829, Cyrillus Damian of Vienna ...