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The clarinet is a musical-instrument family belonging to the group known as the woodwind ... Johann Christoph Denner is generally believed to have invented the clarinet in Germany around the year 17...

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These instruments developed gradually into todays modern instruments - the modern oboe ... The problem developing instruments similar to clarinets (like the  ...

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Johann Christoper Denner is credited with inventing the clarinet. Basic instruments resembling the clarinet, however, date back to Ancient...

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Invented around 1690, the clarinet is a single-reed woodwind instrument with a cylindrical tube. The clarinet evolved from an earlier instrument called the ...

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Johann Christoph Denner invented the clarinet in 1690.

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It is generally agreed that Johann Christoph Denner (1655-1707) invented the clarinet sometime soon after 1698 by modifying the chalumeau. The earliest ...

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Who invented it? The clarinet was invented by Johann Christoph Denner. What was it used for? The clarinet was used for playing in bands. When was it ...

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Johann Christoph Denner (died 1707), an instrument maker from Nuremberg, is today generally credited with the invention of the clarinet, which evolved from ...

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A clarinet type instrument has been around for many hundreds of years, although the instrument that we recognize as a clarinet wasn't invented until the end of ...