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Apple I

They were designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. The Apple I was Apple's first product, ...

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The first home computer with a GUI or graphical user interface was the Apple Lisa. The very first graphical user interface was developed by the Xerox ...

Apple-1 computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sells for ...

Oct 23, 2014 ... It was the first pre-assembled computer ever made (they usually came as kits) and is credited by many tech historians as kick-starting the PC ...

Steve Jobs' boyhood home where he built the first 50 Apple ...

Sep 25, 2013 ... The home in Los Altos, California where the tech legend first launched his computer company is being evaluated as a historic property by the ...

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37 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Invented Apple ...

Jun 29, 2012 ... On Sunday, June 29th, 1975, Steve Wozniak took a computer he hobbled ... the prototype for the Apple I, the world's first consumer-marketed, ...

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They first previewed the Apple I in action during a May 1976 meeting of the ... Paul Terell, the owner of the Byte Shop, the only computer store chain at the ... Woz built the Apple I to run BASIC, so games could be programmed and played on it.

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The original Apple I computer was invented by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and was first released on April 1, 1976. The Apple I was the very first computer to  ...

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Steve Wozniak's design for the first Apple computer exemplified the elegance in ... No standard appearance had developed for a microcomputer, and large ...

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Q: Who invented the first Apple computer?
A: The first Apple I was developed by Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak in 1976. Rod Holt Joined them in producing the Apple ][. Jef Raskin joined them to design the ... Read More »
Q: Who invented the first Apple computer?
A: Steve Jobs Read More »
Q: Who Invented the First Apple Computer?
A: Who invented the first Apple computer? Although Apple Inc. is a corporate giant worth over $150 billion, it began as nothing more than a good idea shared among ... Read More »
Q: Who invented the first apple computer?
A: Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs, are credited with inventing the first Apple Read More »
Q: Who invented the first apple computer?
A: Steve jobs and steve wozniak Steve dropped out of college becuase he was in courses he didnt want to be in.. and thenn he would stop in in other classes regular... Read More »