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Apple Computer 1, also known later as the Apple I, or Apple-1, was released by the Apple ... The Apple I was Apple's first product, and to finance its creation, Jobs sold his only means ... This...

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The first home computer with a GUI or graphical user interface was the Apple Lisa. ... With the 1984 Apple Macintosh Steve Jobs made sure developers created ...

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Apple I with KB from Smithsonian Steve Wozniak's design for the first Apple computer exemplified the elegance in circuitry towards which computer hobbyists  ...

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The original Apple I computer was invented by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and was first released on April 1, 1976. The Apple I was the very first computer to  ...

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Mar 21, 2015 ... This video shows the original Apple Computer, named as "Apple I". ... thought it was fair since the computer was made from Atari components. .

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May 8, 2016 ... Only about 200 Apple 1 computers were made in total. Excited by ... 1977: April - Apple Computer delivers its first Apple II system, for $1295.

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The first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics, the ... Older, more conservative men, the new directors made sure that Apple ...

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Jun 15, 2015 ... Steve Wozniak had put together his first computer in 1976, and took it to the ... What is the history of the first Apple computer ever made?

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Steve Wozniak is known as the co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, and the ... Apple Computers in 1976 with Ronald Wayne, releasing some of the first ...

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Sep 3, 2015 ... The Apple-1 was in the first batch of 50 computers for Apple's first client, the Byte Shop, and was hand-made in a garage by pioneering Steve ...

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They first previewed the Apple I in action during a May 1976 meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club. Paul Terell, the owner of the Byte Shop, the only ...

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Apr 1, 2016 ... Their scarcity has made them collectors' items, and Bonhams auctioned a working Apple I in ... The first app on an Apple computer: Visicalc.

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Apr 29, 2013 ... The first ever Apple computer which founder Steve Jobs sold from his parents' garage is expected to fetch £250,000 at auction. The Apple 1 ...