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A shovel is a tool for digging, lifting, and moving bulk materials, such as soil, coal, gravel, snow, ... They can be optimized for a single task or designed as cross- over or compromise multitaskers...

Who Invented the First Shovel? - Neatorama


Jan 2, 2011 ... This one's for the East Coasters, who undoubtedly have this thought in mind when they shovel their way out of mounds of glorious snow ...

h2g2 - The Truth about Shovels


Mar 2, 2000 ... A shovel has been developed from a simple piece of wood. A handle of some kind is usually attached in the other end of this stick, which makes ...

Rugg 22BS Original Back-Saver Aluminum Combo Blade Shovel ...


Product Description. The Original Back-Saver snow shovel is the first ergonomic snow shovel marketed internationally. The design reduces the stress put on ...

Patent US3177026 - Snow shovels - Google Patents


Original Assignee, True Temper Corp. Export Citation, BiBTeX, EndNote, ... snow SHOVELS Filed June 5, 1961 2 Sheets-Sheet l INVENTOR. PJRJ Isl/MW 10% ...

Patent US813983 - Snow-shovel. - Google Patents


Original Assignee, William D Luney ... This invention relates to snow-shovels; and one of the objects of the same is to provide a device of this character which ...

Patent US4034489 - Heated snow shovel - Google Patents


Jul 12, 1977 ... Original Assignee, Hughes John F Jun ... This invention relates to snow shovels and more particularly to that class utilizing electrically operated ...

To Ingenuity Add a Shovel: Meet the Wovel - The New York Times


Mar 21, 2007 ... Meet the inventor of the Wovel, the iPod of snow shovels.

The 1930s "Pedestrian Catcher" Shovels People ... - Curiosity


The 1930s invention has many different . ... In the original article in "Modern Mechanix," the caption to the device photo reads "This new safety device, consisting ...

The HEFT USA - Auxiliary Ergonomic Handle for Snow Shovels ...


Inventor Marco Longley and his wife Anne are the inventors of The HEFT (Highly ... but these health challenges are what lead Marco to inventing The HEFT.

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The History of the ErgieShovel – Ergieshovel


The Ergieshovel is an innovative two handled snow shovel designed to make shoveling snow easier on your back. The original shovel was created in my ...

Since 1774, The History of AMES in America | AMES


... a country, through the early 1800s. 1773 – 1804: Captain John Ames Original Account Book ... manufactured in 1824 by AMES. 1824: Wood Handle Shovel

Rugg History | RuggRugg


These include Rugg's popular BACK-SAVER® bent-handled snow shovels and lawn ... 1977 Developed first Teflon®-coated aluminum blade snow shovel.