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A peeler is a kitchen tool consisting of a slotted metal blade attached to a handle that is used to remove the outer skin or peel of certain vegetables, often potatoes and carrots, and fruits such a...

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Vegetable Peelers are a kitchen tool designed to remove just the peel (skin) of a ... It was reputedly invented sometime in the 1800s by a blacksmith named ...

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The potato/apple/vegetable/cucumber peeler has been invented and re-invented many times with slightly different features. The cheap one still preferred by ...

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The nineteenth-century created numerous kitchen use inventions: toasters, potato mashers, apple/potato peelers, food choppers and sausage stuffers were all ...

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Feb 13, 2001 ... The power unit of an electrically operated hand fruit and vegetable peeler 10 according to the present invention is shown in FIGS. 1A and 1B ...

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Jan 21, 2016 ... In our tests, both peelers tackled a range of vegetables and fruits far better .... However, some of our Sweethome testers felt the Kuhn created ...

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In early 19th century, all potato were peeled and sliced by hand which can not meet large production demand. It's the invention of mechanical potato peeler in ...

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Nicholas Dale has invented the one-handed potato processor.

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ZENA Swiss - Inventor of the original REX economy peeler. Info ... Vegetable Peelers Made in Switzerland · Swiss Made Vegetable Peeler Since 1947, peelers ...

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Dec 9, 2013 ... Fruit and Vegetable Peeler wonderful invention Electronics.
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Nov 14, 2013 ... Vegetable peelers have been reinvented hundreds of times in history, and in the 1800s alone, 500 peeler inventions were patented. More facts ...

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in the 1920's.

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Dec 3, 2014 ... On the list was a Y-Head Vegetable Peeler made by Kuhn Rikon. It seemed like a pretty obvious item to me; then again, I've been working with ...