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In classical mythology, Cupid (Latin Cupido, meaning "desire") is the god of desire, erotic love, ... Cupids are a frequent motif of both Roman art and later Western art of the ..... After...

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Feb 12, 2014 ... In another allegory, Cupid's mother, Venus (Aphrodite), became so jealous of the beautiful mortal Psyche that she told her son to induce ...

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Cupid's Family. 1) His mother: VENUS (Aphrodite in Greek). Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was the daughter of Jupiter and Dione. (In Homer's 'Iliad' ...

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To the Roman's he was Cupid, and his mother was Venus. ... love signs, and love is most frequently depicted by two hearts pierced by an arrow, Cupid's arrow.

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Unlike the rest of the pagan gods, Cupid's iconography in the Renaissance was ... but on crying to his mother Cupid is told that such stings are far less painful ...

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His parents are usually documented as Venus (Aphrodite) and Mars (Ares). Cupid's name translates directly to love. He is depicted as a preteen child with wings ...

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Anyone struck with Cupid's arrow will instantly be filled with uncontrollable desire ... much like his mother Venus/Aphrodite, Cupid can change his appearance at ...

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His mother was Venus, the daughter of Jupiter and Dione and the wife of Vulcan, although the ... Anyone hit by one of Cupid's arrow did not die but fell in love.

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Feb 3, 2015 ... His mother was Aphrodite (who was the goddess of love, beauty, and ... Cupid's mother, Venus, was jealous of Psyche, so she asked Cupid to ...

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Just like his mother, Cupid, being a god of love, also fell in love himself. There are many versions of Cupid's love story, but the point remains the same: That love ...

Cupid is often depicted as being the son of Venus, goddess of love, beauty and fertility, though in some myths he has no parents.
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Cupid's ability to compel love and desire plays an instigating role in several myths ... When Cupid's mother Venus became jealous of the princess Psyche, who ...

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In Roman mythology, Cupid's mother was Venus, the goddess of love and beauty . Venus and Cupid (from the Latin cupido, meaning “desire” or “lust”) were ...

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Aphrodite, Goddess of LoveVenus, goddess of love. He carried out her work, shooting humans and gods with swan feathered arrows, to make them love each  ...