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Responsibility for the Holocaust


Responsibility for the Holocaust is the subject of an ongoing historical debate spanning several decades. Intentionalist historians such as Lucy Dawidowicz ...

Who is Responsible for the Holocaust | - Remember.org


The world may never know the true story behind the Holocaust, and it is left to speculate on the identity of those responsible. Much of the evidence gathered ...

Common Questions about the Holocaust — United States Holocaust ...


? Hitler did not make the Holocaust happen by himself. Many Germans and non- Germans ...

Levels of Responsibility Regarding the Holocaust | Academic


The hierarchy of responsibility for the holocaust begins with Hitler and ends with the citizens of G.

Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust


Adolf Hitler, The Holocaust and World War 2. ... of his vituperation for the Jews, whom he portrayed as responsible for all of the problems and evils of the world, ...

UnNews:Jews responsible for the holocaust, claims historian ...


Saint Louis, Missouri USA -- According to one historian, German national socialists are not responsible for the holocaust. Rather, the blame it to be ascribed to ...

Who was Responsible for the Holocaust, Hitler or the Germans?


Nov 16, 2004 ... On Tuesday, 23 November 2004, between 15:30-18:00, a special session will be held on the topic: “Who was Responsible for the Holocaust: ...

Schröder says all Germans must take blame for the Holocaust ...


Jan 26, 2005 ... He also reminded Germans that they bore a special responsibility' for the Holocaust - even though the overwhelming majority of Germans now ...

To what extent was Hitler solely responsible for the Holocaust - A ...


So to what extent were these bureaucrats responsible for the holocaust? Historians such as Raul Hilberg have argued that the genocide of the Jews was an ...

Germany Just Had to Remind Benjamin Netanyahu Who Was ...


Oct 21, 2015 ... "He moves the responsibility of the Holocaust, for the destruction of the Jews, to the mufti and the Arab world," Professor Moshe Zimmerman of ...

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Q: Who is responsible for the holocaust?
A: Attempted genocide enforced by those who served Hitler's cause. Done by many Hit... Read More »
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Q: Who is responsible for the Holocaust?
A: But wait a minute! This is not the message we want when faced with Auschwitz. There are at least two substantive objections to putting the matter this way. Firs... Read More »
Source: www.clal.org
Q: Who Is Most Responsible For The Holocaust?
A: Many humans have been discriminated against and have been treated poorly because of their race, religion and background. During World War II, one of the most te... Read More »
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Q: Who was responsible for the Holocaust?
A: Hitler was responsible for setting these events in action. He ranted and raved obsessively against the Jews, making all kinds of ridiculous and odious accusatio... Read More »
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Q: Who was responsible for the Holocaust?
A: Not necessarily Hitler. Everything was set up when he came to power. He just used everything to achieve his evil means. My point is, it was the community's and ... Read More »
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