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Chione (daughter of Boreas)


In Greek mythology, Khione is the nymph or minor goddess of snow. Mythology[ edit]. She is the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind, and Oreithyia. Chione is the  ...

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Khione is the Greek goddess of snow, daughter of Boreas, god of the North Wind and Winter, and sister of Zethes and Calais. She is depicted as a goddess in ...

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KHIONE (or Chione) was a nymph and the consort of Boreas the god of the chill north-wind. She was probably also the goddess of snow (khiôn) as her name suggests. Khione is ... Aelian, On Animals - Greek Natural History C2nd-3rd A.D.  ...

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CHIONE (Khione) The goddess of snow. She was daughter a daughter of Boreas , god of the wintry north wind. CHRONOS The old god of time who turned the ...

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Nov 20, 2013 ... Chione or Khione was the daughter of Boreas, god of the chill north wind and ... In Greek mythology Chione is described as goddess of snow.

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Aug 26, 2015 ... Godchecker guide to CHIONE (also known as Khione): Goddess of Snow. Chione is the Greek Goddess of Snow and comes from the ...

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... you can thank KHIONE (Key-oh-nee), the Greek goddess of Snow. As to be expected from a goddess who deals in wintry forces, she has an overwhelming icy ...

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Aug 30, 2007 ... (This was a paper I wrote for my work history class. Your supposed to write a Myth. So I did. I incuded a few of the Greek Gods, we're studying ...

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Type of Name: khione May. Gender: Female. Origin: greece. Alternate Spelling(s) : chione keyonee. Meaning: snow nymph, snow goddess. Additional ...

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Aug 2, 2015 ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/... Chione (from Greek χιών - chiōn, "snow"), in ancient Greek religion, is the nymph or minor goddess of snow.

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She was depicted as either a minor goddess or snow nymph whose realm belonged to snow. She was loved by Poseidon and had with him a son Eumolpus.

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In Greek mythology Chione was a nymph of Mount Haemus in Thrace (north of Greece). She was a daughter of Boreas, god of the north-wind, and Orithyia, the ...

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A different Chione was the goddess of snow in Greek mythology, daughter of Boreas, the god of the North Wind, and Oreithyia. She was the consort of Poseidon, ...