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Shiva is the most powerful of all the Gods if he ever becomes angry, his third eye has the strength to annihilate anything, anywhere and anyone in milliseconds.

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Place your vote on the list of Top Ten Greek Gods. ... his favourate as well as the one of the strongest weapon ever created in the whole mythology, and his other ...

Greek mythology, The 12 Gods of Olympus


Zeus won the draw and became the supreme ruler of the gods. ... He desired Demeter, who asked him to make the most beautiful animal that the world had ever seen, just to put him off. ... He is the most powerful Olympian god, after Zeus.

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Mar 18, 2015 ... Some ancient pantheons, like the Greek and Norse gods, have ... Q: Have you ever heard a phrase more badass than “the aged jaguar ...

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On a celestial level Vishnu originated from Shiva and Brahma from Vishnu and all the other ..... Who is the most interesting person you've ever sat next to on an airplane? Petter Brenna Rian, visited 25+ countries, lived in Norway, UK, Austria  ...

Who is regarded as the most powerful God in Hindu mythology ...


Thanks for A2A. This question is more tricky than what it is perceived to be. I have followed this .... Epics of India: Who is the most popular Hindu god? In Hindu ...

Who is strongest of all Greek gods? - Quora


Well if you want the generic answer, best answer is Zeus(Jupiter for the Roman equivalent). .... Do Democrats ever learn "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me" growing up? Franklin Veaux, Small business owner  ...

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May 17, 2016 ... The stories of gods and goddess from the ancient Greek mythology are immensely popular in pop culture. Their characters were popularized ...

The Most Powerful Gods And Goddesses Of War - Articles


Feb 23, 2013 ... In mythology a number of Gods and Goddesses have been depicted as prolific war deities with each possessing special skills at various forms ...

Six Of The Craziest Gods In Greek Mythology - All That Is Interesting


Apr 13, 2015 ... Myth holds many weird tales of sex and violence, and we've compiled a list of the 6 gods who stand as symbols for the craziest in mythology.