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Top Ten Dumbest People In History - TheTopTens®


Ok, really! He should be number 1, with obama under him. Also, he more whines when he singsM+64. He's the dumbest person everMnew. V286 Comments.

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Who Is the Dumbest Person Alive?&v=ScgFIKXKFkc
Jul 25, 2009 ... Seriously, I think she might be retarded. Someone please help this woman, or society as we know it will be doomed.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=Who Is the Dumbest Person Alive?&v=M-q2guZhekA
Dec 26, 2014 ... From hanging off skyscrapers to stealing a baby bear, we take a look at the 10 dumbest people of all time. Subscribe (new video every day!)

These May Be the 15 Dumbest People in Existence - CollegeHumor ...


Nov 11, 2014 ... 1.via xaxor2.via dailydawdle3.via blamnews4. via heavy5.via thepoke6.via viralnova8. ... View "These May Be the 15 Dumbest People in ...

Are you the dumbest person alive? - GoToQuiz.com


Are you a smarty pants? Are you an Emo? Take this quiz to find out your entire range of things you are. Are you DUMB? No... Are you sure? If you say yes think ...

The 35 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened - BuzzFeed


Jun 9, 2014 ... The 35 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened. This is why we ... This person's plug struggle (puggle): ... This person's severe lack of toast:.

Who's the dumbest person you've ever met? : AskReddit


Mar 24, 2014 ... Back in high school a guy named Kevin was arguing with me, and anyone who would listen, saying that STD's are prevented by having sex.

Who is the stupidest person in history? - Quora


You're not asking for the stupidest person ever -- but the stupidest person ever to act upon the world stage . . . So it's somebody who was in power . . . And their ...

What is it like to always be the dumbest person in the room? - Quora


Great because you're surrounded by smarter people whom you can learn from ... Who is the dumbest rich and successful person alive today, and how did they ...

Is This The Stupidest Person Ever? (VIDEO) | Huffington Post


Aug 24, 2009 ... We're praying, really really hard, that this is a joke, because if it's not and this person has survived as long as she has it means that we've ...

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These Must be the 28 Stupidest People on the face of the earth!


We wrote a post a couple of weeks ago containing the 15 dumbest people we had ever stumbled upon. Well it turns out that these people were absolutely not ...

Former Dumbest Person Alive Dan Quayle Is BACK, Says Trump Is ...


May 12, 2016 ... Welcome to President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and my fellow astronauts! Former Vice President Dan Quayle, whom I have not thought about since I ...

50 People On The Stupidest, Most WTF Statements They've Ever ...


Nov 5, 2013 ... (I'm african American). After hearing this, my coworker said “that's so stupid! Doesn't he know there weren't any black people back then?!” ...