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Marilyn vos Savant has been inducted into the Guinness Hall of Fame for the Highest IQ.
She was administered the Stanford-Binet IQ Test in September 1956 and scored a 228.


Christopher Michael Langan (born March 25, 1952) is an American whose IQ was reportedly believed to be "between 190 and 210". In Morris 2001, Langan relates that he took what was billed as "the world's ... been described as "the smartest man in America" as well as "the smartest man in the world" .... "The Smart Guy".


Dec 24, 2011 ... The 19 Smartest People The World Has Ever Seen .... and was mentioned as recently as 2009 in the Family Guy episode: A Picture is Worth a ...


Following this fine tradition, we take a look at 30 of the smartest people alive .... Genius Directory ranked Predavec as the third smartest person in the world.


Mar 3, 2015 ... American TV writer Rick Rosner, 54, the world's fifth-smartest man, has ... Allen is worth $17.5 billion, which makes him the 51st richest person ...

Mar 30, 2014 ... Top 10 Smartest/Most Intelligent People In the World . Find out the most intelligent and smartest person in the World. Thanks For Watching.


The list of top 10 most intelligent people of the world. They are some of the smartest people in the world and they have the highest IQ scores ever. ... but I digress and personally think its is impossible to be the "smartest" person in the world.


The Egyptian engineer Abdel-Raouf Mokhtar (Arabic: عبد الرءوف مختار) has been chosen as 'The Best Engineer In The World' in a worldwide ranking event of ...


It is very difficult to suggest the most intelligent person to ever live because there have been so many people with remarkable intelligence skills in differ...


Aug 27, 2012 ... Judging how smart a person is can be a very subjective matter. Does their IQ score make them the smartest? Or is it more about ...