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Uranus is named after the ancient Greek deity of the sky Uranus (Ancient Greek: Οὐρανός), the father of Cronus (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter), ...

Who Discovered Uranus (and How Do You Pronounce It)?


Nov 30, 2012 ... Bode argued that as Saturn was the father of Jupiter, the new planet should be named for the father of Saturn. (Uranus is also the only planet to ...

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Nov 18, 2014 ... Uranuswas named after the Greek sky deity Ouranos, the earliest of the lords of the heavens. It is the only planet to be named after a Greek god ...

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Herschel did not name the planet Uranus, he called it "the Georgium Sidus" (the Georgian ... This seemed sensible long ago when the objects were named.

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The Romans named the five planets closest to the Sun after their most important gods. These were the only planets that were bright enough for them to see.

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Oct 1, 2008 ... How did Uranus get its name? Uranus is named after the ancient Greek god of the sky, who was the father of Kronos (Saturn in Roman ...

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Jul 18, 2015 ... The Romans named these planets according to their movements and ... William Herschel, who discovered Uranus, wanted to name it ...

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How-To Geek. GEEK TRIVIA. Uranus Was Almost Named What? Andromeda. Urmeatus. George. Ukranius. The Smell Left On Your Hands After Handling Coins ...

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Jun 20, 2012 ... ... inappropriate to rename something after the original creator named it. ... Uranus comes from the Greek word "Ουρανός" that literally means ...

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Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third largest (by diameter). ... Herschel named it "the Georgium Sidus" (the Georgian Planet) in honor of his ...

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Q: Who named Uranus?
A: William Hershel. He first named it Georgium Sidus (George's Star) or the "Georgian Planet" (after King George lll) in March 1781. When Hershel passed away Georg... Read More »
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Q: Who named uranus?
A: The name Uranus was 1st proposed by German astronomer Johann Elert Bode in order for it to be in Read More »
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Q: Who named Uranus?
A: William Hershel. He frist named it Georguim's sudis (after King Gorge lll), in March of 1781. When Hershel passed away Gorguim's sudis was renamed Uranus by Joh... Read More »
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Q: Did the guy who named Uranus understand what he was doing?
A: It was named Uranus after the Greek god (like all other planets are named by ancient gods) and the name got selected after a long process. Initially, the name w... Read More »
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Q: Who named the planet Uranus?
A: Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun, was originally named in 1781 by British Read More »
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