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Milky Way (mythology)


There are many myths and legends about the origin of the Milky Way, the crowd of stars that ... Ancient Armenian mythology called the Milky Way the "Straw Thief's Way". According to le...

Why Is Our Galaxy Called The Milky Way? - Universe Today


Jan 22, 2015 ... The Milky Way is part of a collection of galaxies called the Local Group. We're on a collision course with the most massive and largest member ...

how the milky way got its name and what it's called in other languages


Aug 26, 2013 ... Today I found out why our galaxy is called the Milky Way and what it's called in other languages. No, it has nothing to do with the candy bar.

How the Milky Way Got Its Name (and What Other Languages Call It)


Aug 26, 2013 ... Today I found out why our galaxy is called the Milky Way and what it's called in other languages.

ESA - Space for Kids - Our Universe - The Milky Way


We live in one of the arms of a large spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. The Sun and its planets (including Earth) lie in this quiet part of the galaxy, about half ...

Who named our galaxy the Milky Way? And why it is named so?


Galaxies are huge congregations of stars held together by the gravitational force. They are often called island universes due to their size. There are more than a ...

How did the Milky Way get its name? - Ask.com


The Milky Way's name stems from the Greeks, who referred to the galaxy as galaxias kyklos, or milky circle. The Romans, who called it via lactea, or "the road of ...

Which spiral arm of the Milky Way contains our sun? | Space ...


We live in an island of stars called the Milky Way, and many know that our Milky Way ... Our sun is located the Orion Arm, or Orion Spur, of the Milky Way galaxy.

Why is our galaxy calledThe Milky Way Galaxy”? - Questions kids ...


The Milky Way Galaxy is named for its milky appearance. There's a Greek poem that describes the galaxy as "that shining wheel, men call it Milk." To the Gr.

What is the milky way - Milky way galaxy


What is the Milky Way, definition of the Milky Way as the Galaxy to which we ... is named for the light band that crosses our night sky which has a milky way ...

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Why Do We Call Our Galaxy the Milky Way? | Mental Floss


Nov 13, 2013 ... There are two questions that have haunted wannabe astronomers for decades: “ Why is our galaxy called the Milky Way?” and “Does it have ...

Our Place in Space: The Milky Way Galaxy


Picture the solar system-, The Milky Way Galaxy ... It's called a spiral galaxy because if you could view it from the top or bottom, it would look like a spinning ...

Why Is Our Galaxy Called The Milky Way | MD Rashel Hossain ...


Why Is Our Galaxy Called The Milky Way ... Why Is Our Galaxy Called The Milky Way Everyone knows that we live in the Milky Way galaxy, but you are not the ...