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Organic farming is practiced around the globe, but the markets for sale are strongest in North ... North America and Europe make up a majority of consumer demand for organic ..... Germany has its own set of regulations for organic farming under the ... In 2014 Germany reached 1,047,633 hectares of farmland accounting for ...


Before the 1910 Mexican Revolution that overthrew Porfirio Díaz, most of the land was owned ... A small percentage of rich landowners owned most of the country's farm land. ... The rich lands of central and southern Mexico were the home to dense, hierarchically organized, settled populations that produced agricultural ...


Sep 28, 2015 ... Table 1: Structure of land holdings in Latin American countries ... in determining the agricultural potential of each hectare of farmland. ... the productivity of drier land in regions of North and Central Mexico, .... The soybean complex is the most important crop, representing 52% of overall agricultural exports.


Jan 15, 2016 ... Saudi Arabia buying up farmland in US Southwest ... and other Persian Gulf countries are scooping up farmland in drought-afflicted ... in order to save water in their own territory, most of which is desert. ... Two years ago, Fondomont's parent company, Saudi food giant .... Asian buyers dive into American hay.


Jan 12, 2014 ... The country of Uruguay, sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil, is taking steps ... These laws restrict the amount of farmland that can be owned by foreigners in ... Meanwhile, the majority of all land sales in Uruguay are to ...


community owned or controlled in more than half of the countries, and that weaknesses and restrictions often ... Historically, most rural lands were owned and governed by local ...... The global baseline includes 13 countries in Latin America.129 Across these 13 countries ... The Central African Republic and the Democratic.


Feb 12, 2013 ... ... in wealthy countries are buying up foreign farmland and the freshwater perks ... Scientific American ... From Sudan to Indonesia, most of the land lies in poverty- stricken ... “In many of these countries, the sum of the water being grabbed ... nations buy up land in other places to secure their own food supply, ...


Mar 28, 2016 ... Why Saudi Arabia bought 14,000 acres of US farm land ... So, it's buying up farmland for the water-chugging crop in the drought-stricken American Southwest . ... soon be unable to farm alfalfa in its own parched country to feed its 170,000 cows. ... Most of the farms that Arab companies own worldwide are in ...


May 28, 2014 ... The report suggests that the single most important factor in the drive to push small farmers ... But the concentration of land ownership is seen on every continent. ... productivity of the country's small farms, Kenya's agricultural production would double. In Central America and Ukraine, it would almost triple.


Oct 23, 2012 ... Especially America's 100 biggest private landowners, according to the ... media tycoon John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres—more than ...