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Land reform in Mexico


Before the 1910 Mexican Revolution that overthrew Porfirio Díaz, most of the land was owned ... A small percentage of rich landowners owned most of the country's farm land. ... The rich lan...

The 25 Biggest Landowners In America - Business Insider


Oct 23, 2012 ... Especially America's 100 biggest private landowners, according to the latest ... media tycoon John Malone, who owns 2.2 million acres—more than twice as ... space with nothing on it (they're not urban, nor coastal, for the most part). ... in New York's upper east side than 300,000 acres in nebraska farm land...

Saudi Arabia buying up farmland in US Southwest - CNBC.com


Jan 15, 2016 ... In a statement announcing the California farmland purchase, the ... That's in contrast to most of the state, 85 percent of which has strict ... Besides the Gulf countries, China, South Korea and Japan are big buyers of American hay. ... Live: Strong earthquake strikes central Italy; rescue operation underway.

Who Owns the World's Land? - Rights + Resources


The finding that only 18 percent of land area in the countries studied is ... Historically, most rural lands were owned and governed by local ..... Central African ..... The global baseline includes 13 countries in Latin America.129 Across these 13.

The whole world wants South America's farmland | ZDNet


Jan 12, 2014 ... The country of Uruguay, sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil, is taking steps ... These laws restrict the amount of farmland that can be owned by foreigners in ... Meanwhile, the majority of all land sales in Uruguay are to ...

Wall Street Investors Take Aim at Farmland | Mother Jones


Mar 14, 2014 ... For Wall Street, farmland represents a "reassuringly tangible commodity" ... just about 1 percent of total acreage, and most farmland is still bought by farmers, not ... Hancock Agricultural Investment Group owns 290,000 acres of US ... California's Central Valley, now parched by its worst drought in 500 y...

Banana Plantations in Central America - Tripod


Many Central American countries depend on the revenue, employment and jobs that these ... Most of the bananas produced in Central America are exported to .... of the country's landowners control 56% of the farmland while approximately half of .... owned and operated by citizens of importing countries (Thomson, 1987).

Land Ownership and Hunger - Global Policy Forum


Sep 21, 2012 ... Land is a precious commodity in the country as the majority of Kenyans .... With its corn-based diet and proximity to the US, Central America has long ... The commission formed to identify farmland ownership in Myanmar will ...

Farmers struggle for land in Guatemala | Oxfam America


Aug 22, 2013 ... Guatemala is the second largest exporter of sugar in Latin America and the ... from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration to move a sugar ... crops for agro-exports while malnutrition is increasing in our country.” ... Make sure your gift to Oxfam America goes directly to where it's most needed, .....

The land market in Latin America and the Caribbean - Food and ...


phenomenon in Mexico and Central America, the Andean countries and, ..... In the last decade, the value of land has increased six-fold and a third of the farm land in ... majority, most of them owning or renting around 130 000 hectares; in the ...

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China Is Making a Major Play for American Farms and Farmland ...


Feb 22, 2016 ... China Is Making a Major Play for American Farms and Farmland ... the world's most populous country is making a major play to buy the proverbial ... Pork processors like Smithfield, which owns a plant employing more than 2,000 ... China's Number One Central Document, an annual policy blueprint of sorts, ...

land use in el salvador: who 'owns' the land and how do they use it?


May 14, 2013 ... The ownership and use of land in El Salvador, as in any nation, is a key element in the ... in the most densely-populated country in Central America. .... Two-thirds of farmland in mountainous areas is eroded, and the resulting ...

Central America | Reference.com


Spanish or Portuguese is the primary language in most Latin countries. See Full Answer ... The largest country in Central America is the Republic of Nicaragua.