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Form follows function


Form follows function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design ... Here Sullivan actually said "form ever follows function", but the simpler (and less em...

The Demise of 'Form Follows Function' - The New York Times


May 30, 2009 ... The Demise of 'Form Follows Function' ... Not only is “form follows . ... Misused though Sullivan's quote has been, his point, that the style of ...

Louis Sullivan: Louis Sullivan


... “form follows function” (or, more accurately, “form ever follows function”). Among his most outstanding surviving works are the Auditorium Theater, the Carson, ...

Remembering the Legend Behind 'Form Follows Function' | WIRED


Sep 3, 2015 ... Remembering the Legend Behind 'Form Follows Function' ..... Efforts stalled again and again, but Cuomo said yesterday that this newest ...

American Architecture: Form Doesn't Follow Function - Live Science


Nov 29, 2005 ... "If form follows function, then you should be able to look at a ... "Buildings convey meaning, whether they are meant to or not," Nasar said.

Centigrade GmbH · Blog · “Form Follows Function” – An unclear ...


Dec 20, 2012 ... Introduction. “Form Follows Function (FFF)” – You can think for hours about these three words and for their explanation quite some words are ...

Infographic: The Bauhaus, Where Form Follows Function | ArchDaily


Apr 16, 2012 ... UPDATE: In honor of the 81st anniversary of the day the Bauhaus closed in 1933, we're re-publishing this popular infographic, which was ...

Louis Sullivan | American architect | Britannica.com


Mar 11, 2016 ... The balance between simple form and decoration in this structure has ... of style came Sullivan's own famous dictum “form follows function,” a phrase that ... It has been said that Sullivan was the first American architect to think ...

Wright's Organic Architecture: From ›Form Follows Function‹ to ...

www.cloud-cuckoo.net/journal1996-2013/inhalt/de/heft/ausgaben/112/Beitraege/2.2 Cruz.pdf

mer when Louis Sullivan wrote in 1896, »Form ever follows function […] this .... acknowledges, »Already it has been said – lieber meister declared it – and.

Form Follows WHAT? History and critique of the form follows ...


:1: The dictum form follows function has been seen, by partisans and critics alike, .... In contrast to the latter two, who can be said to have been pure ideologists, ...

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Form Follows Function – A Truism That Isn't True | The Brand Wash


Mar 21, 2013 ...Form follows function” is based on “Form ever follows function,” a quote from Louis Sullivan's Autobiography of an Idea. It was an era were ...

Is 'form follows function' completely misunderstood? - Quora


To be able to critique your statement lets take into account the other assumptions that are often .... The original and full quote from 1896 of American architect, Louis Sullivan was: "It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic, of all ...

Does Form Follow Function? – Smashing Magazine


Mar 23, 2010 ... You've likely heard the phrase "form follows function," but have you really thought about ... I would have said the same before writing this article.