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'Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state recognizes no limits to its authority and .... In the field of Soviet history, the totalitarian concept has been disparaged by the "...

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Totalitarianism, form of government that theoretically permits no individual freedom and that seeks to ... in history of Europe: The trappings of dictatorship.

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Dec 23, 2010 ...Totalitarianism,” in its adjectival form, “totalitarian,” originated in 1923 among opponents .... Totalitarianism: The Inner History of the Cold War.

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The Age of Anxiety, the age of the lost generation, was also an age in which modern Fascism and Totalitarianism made their appearance on the historical stage.

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totalitarianism (tōtălˌĭtârˈēənĭzəm) [key], a modern autocratic government in which the state involves itself in all facets of society, including the daily life of its ...

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The seven newly-created states in Europe all adopted the republican form of government. Democracy seemed triumphant in the post-war world. Yet within two  ...

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Jul 23, 2015 ... Totalitarianism is a form of government control that swept across Europe ... social studies and has a master's degree in history from Providence ...

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The government of Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. ... Italian fascism was founded in Milan on March 23, 1919, by Benito Mussolini, a former ...

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The fact that Hannah Arendt was a Jewish refugee from Nazi oppression cannot be divorced from The Origins of Totalitarianism. Written with eminent ...

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Feb 23, 2011 ... The Rise of Totalitarianism (1920s-1930s) ... Two Types of Totalitarianism: Fascism vs. Communism ... 8th Grade - South Carolina History.

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The history of the concept of totalitarianism. A simple definition of totalitarianism can be taken to be 'a system of rule, driven by an ideology, that seeks direction ...

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Introduction | History of Totalitarianism. Introduction, Back to Top. Totalitarianism refers to an authoritarian political system or state that regulates and controls ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about totalitarianism at Encyclopedia.com. ... It created an atmosphere of missionary fervor and, indeed, assumed all the ...