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Animal trapping, or simply trapping, is the use of a device to remotely catch an animal. Animals .... Today's traps are specially designed in different sizes for different sized animals, which r...

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There are more wild furbearers in the United States today than there was 100 ... Body-gripping traps slam closed on and grip tightly an animal's leg or other body  ...

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Traps are commonly used to kill animals for the fur trade, for "nuisance" wildlife control, ... used trap in the U.S. by commercial and recreational fur trappers today.

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Each year, millions of animals suffer horrific deaths because some consider them a nuisance. Find out how to end the cruelty toward wildlife.

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Aug 21, 2016 ... For years, the animal rights movement has worked to change Americans' .... You can help support shows like these (and Trapping Today) by ...

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No endangered species is threatened by trapping today, and the loss of some wild species is due to habitat destruction, encroachment, pesticides and pollution .

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The modern day bodygrip trap was invented by Frank Conibear, a Canadian trapper, in the 1950's. Conibear sold the rights to the trap design to the Animal Trap ...

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Traps are responsible for unimaginable suffering for all animals who ... There are 3 main traps used in Canada today: the leg-hold, Conibear and snare trap.

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Today, otters abound throughout ... of traps vary depending on species ...

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Today there are three main categories of traps used in the fur industry: killing traps, ... Killing traps are designed to instantly or quickly kill a furbearing animal.

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Today, trapping is done as an annual pursuit by many people in the United States and ... were within natural population fluctuations of the animals they trapped.

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When not killed outright by the trap, animals can suffer physiological trauma, ... types of traps used today: restraining body-gripping traps; kill traps; and live traps .

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How a Trapped Animal Dies. There are various types of traps, including snares, underwater traps, and Conibear traps, but the steel-jaw trap is the most widely ...