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Melissa (computer virus)


The Melissa virus, also known as "Mailissa", "Kwyjibo", or "Kwejeebo", is a mass- mailing macro virus. As it is not a standalone program, it is not a worm.

CNN - Man charged with unleashing 'Melissa' computer virus - April ...


Apr 2, 1999 ... April 2, 1999. Web posted at: 9:29 p.m. EST (0229 GMT). TRENTON, New Jersey (CNN) -- A 30-year-old man launched the e-mail computer ...

10: Melissa - 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time | HowStuffWorks


In the spring of 1999, a man named David L. Smith created a computer virus based on a Microsoft Word macro. He built the virus so that it could spread through ...

Top 5 Deadliest Computer Virus Of All Time - Computers - Nigeria


A computer virus is a malware program that, when executed, replicates by ... Melissa was the first mass-mailing macro virus for the new age of e-mailing which ... L and slapped him with a fine of $5000 for unleashing the fastest virus of its time. 3. ... Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that .....

Melissa, I Love You - Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


The Melissa Virus got front-page headlines when it struck computers leaving ... is a threat to national security or even worse unleashing an attack from within ... Who are they to tell us what to do when they are responsible for their own messes.

The Love Bug Virus


May 4, 2000 ... ... creating the virus but said that he may have been responsible for unleashing it onto ... "A computer virus that carries the message 'Iloveyou' is disabling ... " Melissa-like e-mail worm, bearing the title ILOVEYOU,' is sweeping ...

SABS ISO/IEC 17799: keeping on the safe side - Computer ...


Feb 1, 2003 ... ... David L. Smith, was found guilty of unleashing the 'Melissa' computer virus. ... The Melissa virus demonstrated the danger that business, ... the need for a yardstick for those who are responsible for the security of information.

Types Of Computer Viruses - HubPages


Mar 17, 2010 ... There are many types of computer viruses but there are six main categories. ... these types of computer viruses were responsible for many infections because ... who was responsibe for unleashing the melissa computer virus

BBC NEWS | Technology | Computer viruses now 20 years old


Nov 10, 2003 ... Computer viruses celebrate their twentieth birthday this week. ... The Melissa virus that struck in March 1999 marked a new trend as ... Almost every year since 2000 has seen the unleashing of a virulent program that uses the net to travel. ... The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

How Do Virus Hunters Track Their Prey? - Bloomberg


Sep 7, 2003 ... Mikko Hypponen and his band of Finnish computer virus hunters know the ... The unit is responsible for sending out computer security alerts, as it did on ... In March, 1999, the Melissa virus caused just as much damage as SoBig. .... That didn't stop Liang from unleashing a torrent of lawsuit threats against ...

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Who was responsible for unleashing the Melissa computer virus


... Computer Viruses > Who was responsible for unleashing the Melissa computer ... In what year did the Melissa virus first attach computers around the world?

Hackers' 10 Most Famous Attacks, Worms, and DDos Takedowns ...


Dec 11, 2010 ... From a computer virus named for a stripper to swarming botnet attacks on ... ( DDoS) responsible for crippling some of the internet's most popular websites ... In the end, Melissa performed viral lap dances on upwards of one million ... For unleashing the virus, Smith faced 10 years in jail, $5,000 in fines, but ...

Chronology of a Virus


Apr 3, 2012 ... Fred Cohen defines a computer virus and in an experiment he and his ... 10 December David L Smith, the author of the Melissa virus, has pleaded guilty. ... of 150 hours community service or 75 days in jail for unleashing the virus. ..... Sophos questions rumours that internet worm was responsible for North ...