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The War in Darfur is a major armed conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan, that began in .... Flint and de Waal marked the onset of the genocide on 26 February 2003, when a group calling itself the Darfur Liberation Front (DLF) publicly ..... On Sunday 15 April 2007, African Union peacekeepers were targeted and killed.


The “Darfur Genocide” refers to the current mass slaughter and rape of Darfuri men, women, and children in Western Sudan. The killings began in 2003, as the  ...


Darfur Genocide Background ... the fish by draining the sea”, and targeted non- Arab tribes in the region, regardless of whether they were civilians or rebel forces .


Darfur is a region in Sudan, Africa, that had a population of approximately 6 ... The violence in Darfur is considered a genocide because it is racially based.


History of genocide in Darfur, between the ethnically Arab "Janjaweed" and the victimized ethnically African citizens.


Jan 21, 2016 ... Learning From The Past: 10 Facts About the Darfur Genocide ... Muslim Arab Sudanese (the Jajaweed militia group) systematically targeted, ...


Jul 31, 2014 ... Washington has called the Darfur crisis "genocide", a term Khartoum .... Two major attacks targeted at aid agency compounds force hundreds of ...


Sep 3, 2005 ... The death total in Darfur's genocide may reach that of Rwanda's by year's ... targeting ethnically African populations that had rebelled against, ...


Apr 28, 2015 ... Sudan's president and architect of the Darfur genocide, Omar ... attacks in civilian areas including targeting churches and schools as well as ...