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Edgar was a popular choice among the English, because he was English and a grandson of Edmund Ironside. He was born ... The first thing the Witan did was choose Edward's brother-in-law, Harold Godwinson to be the next king. On the ... But William took control of England with his army before Edgar could be crowned.


When the English king Edward the Confessor died on 5 January 1066, ... men) had to make the decision, and they had four candidates to choose from. ... that he , Harold, should have the crown (There were no witnesses to Edward saying this) ... he would help William become the next king of England when Edward died.


He had no children. ... The next king of England would have to win it in a war. ... Claims that Edward promised the throne were probably made up by the rival ...


Mar 19, 2007 ... Who had the best claim to the crown of England in 1066? ... L.O.: Understand why there were many claimants to the crown You will ... King Edward the Confessor has died. He ... He was a great William of Normandy If you chose William give .... In my opinion, ……………… should be the next king of England.


Jan 5, 2012 ... Previous Next → ... 1051, King Edward had been on the throne for nine years and so far, his ... The two men were distant cousins and William had visited Edward at ... On the death of Earl Godwin in 1053, dominance in England passed ... Normandy did not start well; he was shipwrecked north of Normandy, ...


If Edward died, the throne would pass to a woman and the Tudor dynasty would end. Accordingly, King Henry did all he could to protect his son's health; the infant prince .... With her death, the king of England was officially widowed. .... Henry VIII turned to the continent for his next wife, the German princess Anne of Cleves.


Harold Gowinson's claim to the throne of England was not based on a strong blood ... so much pressure on Edward the Confessor that his Norman advisors were sent ... that he had been chosen by Edward the Confessor to be the next King of ...


On this day in History, William the Conqueror invades England on Sep 28, 1066. ... Rebellions were epidemic during the early years of his reign, and on several ... In January 1066, King Edward died, and Harold Godwine was proclaimed King ... On October 13, Harold arrived near Hastings with his army, and the next day ...


On this day in History, Edward VIII abdicates on Dec 11, 1936. ... He chose to abdicate after the British government, public, and the Church of England ... For the next two years, the duke and duchess lived primarily in France but visited ... and Edward made a few visits to England, such as to attend the funerals of King George ...


At the start of 1066, England was lead by King Edward who was respected and ... Why does this involve William who before the Battle of Hastings was only the ... Harold was faced with two choices: he could spend the rest of his life in ... To return to England he had to promise to support William's claim to be the next king of ...