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The master race was a concept in Nazi ideology in which the Nordic or Aryan races, which ... Based on this claim that the Nordic peoples were superior to all other races, the ..... For example, Adol...

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You need to be more specific. If you are asking who the member of the Nazis version of the master race were than that would be full blooded Germans.

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An ideal member of the Master Race was referred to as an “Übermensch”, ... These Europeans, with their dark hair and olive skin, were considered to be only  ...

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Jul 31, 2014 ... Meme/MacroDwight Schrute is a member of The Master Race. .... They were both alright, though obviously nowhere near as good as the PC ...

Master Race


"Master Race" first appeared in the April 1955 issue of Impact, part of a line of ... that the artist, editor, and publisher involved in "Master Race" were all Jews.

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Hitlers Lebensborn program to produce a master race of Aryan babies was a ... Between 1935 and 1945, there were born some 10,000 children in Germany and  ...

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Master race definition, a people or nation, as the Germans during the Nazi period , whose members consider themselves genetically superior to all others and ... kingdom if they could sell Terrans on the idea that they were the master race.

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Oct 28, 2011 ... Unmentioned by the exhibit were Nazi expeditions to Finland, Italy, ..... know a few members of the master race--who are, coincidentally, my ...

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Nov 6, 2006 ... Victims of Hitler's plan for a master race ... Among those, some were astounded to read about their background in their Stasi secret ... Since its creation four years ago, its members swap stories about tracing relatives and ...

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Define master race. master race synonyms, master race pronunciation, master race ... a race, people, or nation whose members consider themselves superior to ... Ayran girls were encouraged to produce German babies for the master race.

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The Nazi Germany considered Aryans as the Master Race. These were of Nordic descent and had blond hair and blue eyes.

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In addition, members of the “fit,” educated classes were marrying later and using birth control methods to limit family size. The result, eugenics advocates ...

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The Nazis used public displays to spread their ideas of race. ... is titled "The Biology of Growth," and is labeled "Stages of Growth for Members of the Nordic Race." ... and in the superiority of the "Germanic race"—what he called an Aryan " master race. ... Beginning in 1933, German physicians were al...