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Ajax (mythology)


Ajax or Aias is a mythological Greek hero, the son of King Telamon and Periboea , and the .... In Sophocles' play Ajax, a famous retelling of Ajax's demise, after the armor is awarded to Odys...

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Ajax” (Gr: “Aias”) is a tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. ... Ajax into believing that the sheep and cattle that were taken by the Achaeans (Greeks) ... Sophocles' Ajax is portrayed as a great hero, but he is rigidly defined as the ...

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According to the great poet Pindar, Ajax is despondent at the betrayal, and kills ... Note esp. that a Hero in Sophocles is not at all necessarily someone you like ... at the beginning of his speech: were he speaking to Tecmessa or the chorus, ...

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Sep 4, 2008 ... ... of the Trojan War. Heroes II included references to Odysseus, Achilles and Hector. ... Odysseus was a great fighter and superb athlete. Odysseus was .... Ajax and Philoctetes were written by Sophocles. Trojan Women ...

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of the 'tragic hero of Ajax', these words instead emphasise Odysseus' radical .... The second part of the play also includes the famous 'deception speech' ...

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Ajax, the second-greatest Greek warrior in battlefield prowess because of his colossal size ... Sophocles picks up the thread of the story when Ajax, still reeling from ... up to the death of Ajax the Great, one of the Greek heroes of the Trojan War.

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Jul 1, 2008 ... A new translation of Sophocles' Ajax derives chilling power from its infidelity ... the executioners and torturers were the ones who wore hoods; in Abu ... Sophocles' tragedy tells of Ajax–a great hero of the Trojan War, but never ...

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Massive and strong, Ajax was considered Greece's second best warrior during the ... nuts and killed a bunch of sheep, thinking they were the Greeks who'd ticked him off. ... Hero King of Salamis. Education, Chiron's Academy of Heroes ... Books, Agamemnon by Sophocles (Pretty hilarious when Agamemnon gets stabbed ...

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May 10, 2014 ... In Sophocles' 'Ajax', Ajax possesses many qualities of the heroic ideal and ... Both heroes also seem to have a great loyalty to one another as seen in ... by honouring him, the people of the polis were thought to be protected.



Sophocles' Ajax which culminate in preparations for the hero's burial. ... The Homeric epics were a vitally important part of Athenian life, being an integral ... doubt that the great Ajax of the Iliad would have been entirely familiar to Sophocles' ...

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Dec 12, 2011 ... In Sophocles' Ajax, the playwright considers what happens when a hero's friends become ... Who were the great heroes of Sophocles' "Ajax"?

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Ajax, the hero, is very brave; he is not the “best of the Achaeans”, but he is the ... Ajax in the Iliad performs the deeds that were normally the role of Achilles: he ...

Ajax Characters


Ajax- Ruler of Ithaca, a Greek commander at Troy. Ajax is the tragic hero of Sophocles's play. He becomes possessed and commits suicide with Hector's sword.