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Big Brother 11 (U.S.)


Big Brother 11 was the eleventh season of the American reality television series Big Brother. .... This season did, however, see the return of the Big Brother: After Dark ... The last seven evictiee...

Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin is the HOH Winner


Aug 27, 2009 ... Jordan is all bent out of shape over it, this isn't how she wants to be seen. .... Please everyone vote for Russell to win the jury vote and show Jeff we really liked Russell ...... Did find last night boring after the HOH Competition?

Big Brother 11


Order to drop out of the competition: Michele, Ronnie, Lydia, Jordan, Kevin, Jeff, ... The Athletes won the HoH competition, seeing as Natalie and Russell were the last ... Big Brother 11 Pop Goes The Veto Big Brother 11 Jessie and Natalie Big ..... a series of questions based on the advice that haunted their dreams last night.

Big Brother 11's Chima Kicked Out of the House - Today's News: Our ...


Aug 15, 2009 ... Volatile Big Brother 11 houseguest Chima was kicked off the show Saturday morning. ... after Chima made threats to be unruly if her head-of-household ... and Russell particularly and last night seemed to be the final straw. .... Remember, Russell voted Natalie out when Jeff thought Russell would vote to get ...

Big Brother 11: Week 6 HoH Round 2 Results | Big Brother 18


Aug 15, 2009 ... Big Brother 11 has shifted into overdrive with last night's expulsion of Chima from the game. ... Jordan / Jeff were talking last night about Russell / Michelle having a final 2 deal… ... Jordan is cool now because she has won a HOH… .... shut Lydia up, but to vote out Natalie, then just deal with Lydia after that.

Big Brother 11 Week 5: Why Chima Winning HoH Was The Best ...


Aug 7, 2009 ... The HoH can't vote and therefore won't have any direct influence over who ... Lydia and Kevin have been laying low and floating their way out of the house. ... LYDIA! after all is said and done, she was and still is desperate for ... I was so tired Chima complaining to Russell last night I had to turn off the tv.

Recap: Big Brother Finale: Season 11 gets a peculiar winner - HitFix


Sep 15, 2009 ... In which either Jordan, Kevin or Natalie won $500000 after two ... 2. What should we expect — or want — from 'The Night Of' finale? .... Recap: 'Big Brother' Finale: Season 11 gets a peculiar winner .... It's time for the final HOH competition! ... Russell will only say he voted for the person who pl...

Big Brother Season 11 Episode 17 - CBS.com


Jul 14, 2011 ... Big Brother: Jessie\'s Eviction Devastates Some House Guests and ... Late Night ... He explains how he was going to be voted out of the house sixth, and ... After the HoH competition, Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell hang in the kitchen. ... Chima is annoyed that people who were calling Michele crazy last ...

Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother': Season 11, elimination #6 | EW.com


Aug 21, 2009 ... As we saw, Michele won last Thursday's Head-of-Household ... BTW, did anyone catch Sho 2 last Thursday night after Jessie was evicted ... New Head Of Household Competition – “The Big Brother Invitational” ... Sidenote: Russell and Natalie are out of control with the amount of candy they've been eating!

Jordan wins Big Brother 11 but Natalie still gets $50,000 despite ...


Sep 16, 2009 ... Jordan Lloyd won Big Brother 11 after receiving five of the seven votes, ... Natalie Martinez received Russell and Kevin's votes, but since Jordan was up ... Thankfully, the stupid, pointless final HOH competition went to a tiebreaker .... jessie's key came out of the box with the vote for jordan. that had to hu...

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers - Kevin and Natalie plan out this weeks ...


Aug 25, 2009 ... Natalie asks Kevin if she wins HOH if we'll put Kevin up. ..... anyone see last night when Russell was playing pool with Gnat last night he was ... him to vote jess out. besides wasn't the final four w/ j/j/m/r made AFTER all of this.

Big Brother 11 - Big Brother Wiki - Wikia


Big Brother 11 is the eleventh season of the American reality television series Big Brother. It... ... to evict one of their own until two houseguests remained on finale night. ... the winner of Big Brother 11 after receiving 4 votes from the Jury and one vote ..... The final HOH competition is played out in three challenges, to give th...

'Big Brother 11' Spoilers: Week 4 HoH Results - BuddyTV


Jul 30, 2009 ... Big yay! Ronnie's out! At 6:36 pm BBT time, the great news dawns on us that the Rat won't get a double HoH reign after all! ... The final four are still at it. ... Russell tells Jeff about his vote to keep Casey, trying to convince the other to believe him. ... He says he can stay all night since he's done t...