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Why a statewide bike tax makes no sense | Seattle Bike Blog


Feb 21, 2013 ... A bicycle tax makes no sense for many reasons, several of which ... The Seattle Times says the bike tax, which would only raise about $1 million over ten years, was ... bikes that cost less than $500 (Biking Bis suggested naming the tax the ... the doors open without either forking out $25 on every bike sale.

"Symbolic" bike tax proposed in Washington should sound familiar ...


Feb 20, 2013 ... The package includes a provision that would levy $25 tax on the sale of all bicycles over $500. The tax would be one of six revenue streams ...

Vote Delayed, Bike Tax Proposed | Wisconsin Bike Fed


May 19, 2015 ... ... Bike & Walk to School · Economic Impact · For Your Business ... We can't think of another industry that the legislature would target for ... But to just toss out an idea for a bike tax at the eleventh hour in the ... Fourth, there's no mention that Oregon's original idea was $25 on bike...

DRS: IP 2011(17), Sales and Use Taxes on Returned Goods, Even ...


§12-430(4), the sales price of a vessel is not changed or otherwise impacted by a trade-in, but ... Example 1: A customer purchases a bicycle for $100 plus $6.35 sales tax on July 5, ... The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) does. ... The retailer applies the 6.35% sales tax to the $25 hair dryer ($25 x 6.35% = $1.59 tax ).

Chapter Problems Frank and Bernanke Chapters 17-20, 22

www.unc.edu/~salemi/Econ101/Chapter Problems (17-20,22).pdf

employed worker) continues to grow at earlier rates, total output will still grow more slowly ... So slower population growth in itself should not affect living standards. ... (100) plus inventory investment (change in stocks over the year, or 25), for a total of 225. ... Nominal GDP = (125 x $7) + (250 x $20) + (110 x $25) = $8625.

A tax on bikes? Hit the road, some cyclists say - latimes


Mar 7, 2013 ... On the road to a new bicycle tax in Washington state -- more on that in a ... argument for a $25 sales fee for bikes more expensive than $500, ... interview that the tax on higher-end bikes would hit small-business ... reported $1 million over a decade," Atlantic Cities' Eric Jaffe wrote of Washington's prop...

Solutions: Percent Applications - Math Goodies


5, In a bicycle store, a $500 bicycle is marked, "Get a 30% discount. ... 2, If the sales tax rate is 5.25% in New Jersey, then what is the total price including tax for a $25.00 ... The interest rate is 8.25% and the loan will be paid off over 6 years.

State lawmakers consider bike tax to help pay for paths and trails ...


May 22, 2015 ... The Legislative Fiscal Bureau paper says a $25 bike tax could generate ... Burke said lawmakers would be foolish to send hostile signals to the bike ... He emphasized the economic impact of the bike industry in .... State Income/Sales taxes (see: transfers from the general fund, currently at $500 million)

Midterm II with Answers


The new supply curve with the excise tax will be P = 80 + 4Q. ... (3 points) Suppose the government would like motorcycle consumption to fall to 20 units. .... would have the same impact as a tariff of $1.00/unit of bananas on consumer surplus, ... (5 points) Given the above information, which of the following consumption ...

Hillary Clinton's Infrastructure Plan: Building Tomorrow's Economy ...


Nov 30, 2015 ... She would allocate the other $25 billion to a national infrastructure bank, ... result in a hidden “pothole tax” that takes over $500 per year out of American ... Already , vulnerable communities are being disproportionately affected by the ... She will also support bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure—reducing ...