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The Gospel According to Matthew (Gospel of Matthew or simply Matthew) is one of the four canonical gospels, one of the three synoptic ...

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Authorship. Since the times of the early church fathers, the apostle Matthew has always been accredited with the authorship of the first gospel (canonically).

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The author of this book was beyond a doubt the Matthew, an apostle of our Lord, whose name it bears. He wrote the Gospel of Christ according to his own plans ...

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by Maxim Cardew Authorship and Date The author of the Gospel has traditionally been identified with “Matthew,” who according to this Gospel is one of Jesus'

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But, it was not included suggesting that the Gospels (at least Matthew, Mark, ... before A.D. 50, and Mark likewise if Luke wrote the Acts while Paul was still alive.

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Jun 18, 2004 ... Little, if any, independent testimony exists however for the supposition that Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew/Aramaic. Nevertheless, the ...

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Dec 27, 2010 ... Post Author: Bill Pratt Although the author did not record his name within the text itself (a common practice in the ancient world), the first book ...

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In this approach the author was Matthew, a tax-collector among the Twelve, wrote either the Gospel or a collection of the Lord's sayings in Aramaic. Some who ...

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Jan 16, 2014 ... Although the first Gospel is anonymous, the early church fathers were unanimous in holding that Matthew, one of the 12 apostles, was its author ...

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Author: This book is known as the Gospel of Matthew because it was written by the apostle of the same name. The style of the book is exactly what would be ...

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Q: Who Wrote the Gospel of Matthew?
A: Although the author did not record his name within the text itself (a common practice in the ancient world), the first book found in the New Testament (NT) has ... Read More »
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Q: Who Wrote Gospel of Matthew ?
A: Yep. The apocalyptic prophecies of Jesus in Mt. 24 seem so explicit (even down to dating: "this generation") about the A.D. 70 siege of Jerusalem, that critics ... Read More »
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Q: Who wrote the gospel of matthew?
A: The book of Matthew is referred to as the Gospel according to Matthew. It is not beli... Read More »
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Q: Who wrote the gospel between Matthew and Luke?
A: The Gospel of Mark is traditionally placed in the New Testament between those of Matthew and Luke, although it was actually written first. St Mark's Gospel does... Read More »
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Q: Was Matthew the tax collector who wrote the Gospel of Matthew?
A: I have been telling anyone who asks or will listen that the only Bible "gospel" that was ever written that gives the name of who actually wrote it, is the gospe... Read More »
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