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Why Am I on Skype When I'm Logged Off?
Available both as a desktop software client and an application for mobile smartphone devices, Skype is a tool which permits you to call using video and/or audio to chat with others. If you're calling another Skype user -- as opposed to a phone number --... More »
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How to log out on all devices? - Skype Community


Skype does not provide a facility to "log off on all devices. .... F.e i am logged in into my skype accounts in both laptops, I change my skype password through one ...

Skype ALWAYS showing as Online, even when i'm not ... - Skype ...


... NEVER show as anything except online, even when I am not signed... ... so that you will be shown offline when you log out from all devices.

Skype says I am always online when I'm not - Skype Community


I've since uninstalled Skype from my phone, but my friends still see me as online, even when I am signed off of Skype and my computer isn't ...

Why Am I on Skype When I'm Logged Off? | eHow


Alternatively, it's possible to access Skype's "Chat" feature using Web-based messenger services like plus.im or imo.im. If Skype shows you as online but you  ...

Status shows Online even while signed out - Skype Community


Status shows Online even while signed out. Welcome To get .... I am having exactly the same problem. I sign out but I am still shown as on line.

Skype permanently online? | Windows Secrets Lounge


Thank you yes I exited skype, but I am still shown as online to my contacts. ... get it to change is to select invisible, it then shows off line to my contact. ... is/are logged on to the same Skype username account, your Skype will be ...

voip - Skype shows I'm online when I don't have any Skype instance ...


Apr 18, 2014 ... Recently Skype shows me as online to my contacts even when. I do not have any instance of Skype running on my desktop; I signed out of Skype on my mobile. Apparently, this ... Am I doing something wrong? skype voip ... when OFF: Type / showplaces to a chat box to show the devices you are logged on.

Top 201 Complaints and Reviews about Skype - ConsumerAffairs.com


Skype Rip Off people on Renewal, $30 Number, $30 Calling Plan. .... infuriated by it as it constantly alt-tabbed me asking me to log in and refused to close. .... I am now considering taking legal action against Skype for illegally trying to deduct  ...

Skype showing me as online - Android - Stack Exchange


May 24, 2014 ... Skype showing me as online - after stopping app and even after ... So i was searching for an answer how to configure Skype to automatically log off / quit when the ... When a contact sends me a chat message it pops up.

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Skype shows me online though I am not connected - Skype ...


Skype shows me online though I am not connected ..... And I still haven't tested whether I will be shown as logged off after having logged out ...

Skype says im logged in when i'm not. - Skype Community


I try to log into skype and it says i am already logged in. .... option i right clicked the skype but no where it says log out WHAT IN THE WORLD I ...

Shows online when I'm logged off - Skype Community


Hi I was logged in when my laptop broke and didn't get a chance to log off skype. Since then I always show as Online even though I am logged ...

I show up as Online when I'm not - Skype Community


I have explicitly signed out of Skype on my iPhone and on my Mac. ..... I don't reply becauase I'm not actually online, but Skype (incorrectly) tells them that I am.

Skype won't sign out, shows me online all the time... - Skype ...


My contacts started telling me that I am logged in all the time, so I ... Even though you shutdown your PC or log off the skype desktop version.