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Oil Production is Up—So Why Did Gas Prices Stay High?


Even as the U.S. and Canada produced more oil, and American consumption remained at an 11-year low, gas prices stayed high. Here are four reasons why.

Oil is cheaper than it's been in years. Why aren't gas prices? - The ...


Aug 18, 2015 ... Crude oil prices have been pushed down by high production, ... so hiccups in the supply chain can quickly hike up prices, making for a market ...

The Truth About Why Gas Prices Are Rising So High - Money Crashers


What's the real reason why gas prices are rising so high? It's probably not what you think. Find out the full details here.

Rising gas and oil prices over the long-term are caused by a decline in the value of the dollar . It could, if it could reduce demand for oil enough to lower oil prices. In addition, other pressures on the price of oil, such as dollar decline and commodities traders, ... More »
By Kimberly Amadeo, About.com Guide

GasBuddy Blog - Up To Date Gas Price News and Information


Read GasBuddy gas price predictions and analysis with insider information on refineries, ... rain event, meaning there is a 1 in 1,000 chance of seeing rainfall totals this high. .... So, typically gasoline is more expensive in the summer months .

GAS PRICES: If price of crude oil's down, why are fuel costs so high ...


Aug 25, 2015 ... News: Gas prices: A crude issue | california, oil, prices, crude, percent, gas, gasoline, mishra, gallon, refining.

$2 Gas Should Be Making a Comeback Soon | Money.com - Time


Aug 19, 2015 ... Oil prices are at a six-year low, so on the surface it makes little sense ... (High prices in California and the West Coast have also led drivers to ...

Why gas prices are rising despite oil's plunge - CNBC.com


Aug 17, 2015 ... Andy Lipow of Lipow Oil Associates said the rise in gas prices is driven by ... supplies as refiners are operating at historically high levels," Lipow said. ... because it remains above those lows and [crude oil] is so incredibly ...

Gas prices outpace cheap oil, but could fall soon - USA Today


Aug 18, 2015 ... Oil prices rebounded Tuesday but remained near a 6 ½-year low, ... are keeping pump prices surprisingly high despite this summer's plunge in crude. ... gas prices will fall 10 to 15 cents and slide another 50 cents or so to ...

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Q: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
A: It used to be typical for gas prices to rise and fall in sync with the cost of oil, but not this year. A gallon of gas costs more than ... Read More Read More »
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Q: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
A: Why do gas prices rise so dramatically each spring? Gas prices are driven by oil prices, but that's not all. Although gas prices aren't included in the core inf... Read More »
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Q: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
A: Courtesy of the Democrat party who for 25 years have opposed new drilling, new refineries, new nuclear power stations and anything else which would upset their ... Read More »
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Q: Why are gas prices so high?
A: Greed, they say it's the uncertainly surrounding Iran but that's Bullsh*t, it's pure Greed, and one day these people will pay. Read More »
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Q: Why Are Gas Prices So High?
A: High gas prices are caused by commodities traders. They bid up the price of gas contracts on the. commodities futures. markets. These. commodities exchanges. al... Read More »
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