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The name "hot dog" stems from jokes about sausages being made of dog meat.

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For a list of international differences in hot dogs, see Hot dog variations. In most of the world, "hot dog" is ...

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References to dachshund sausages and ultimately hot dogs can be traced to German ... In fact, even Germans called the frankfurter a "little-dog" or " dachshund" ...

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Mar 21, 2004 ... In less than an hour, his vendors were hawking hot dogs from portable hot water tanks while yelling, "They're red hot! Get your dachshund ...

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Jul 4, 2010 ... They called these dachshund sausages. Over time, the phrase may have been bastardized into “hot dog.” Two other words for hot dogs ...

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Oct 14, 2010 ... You'll often hear that the name “hot dog” comes from a cartoon drawn by ... Specifically, the first documented references to “hot dogs” were in a .... The Real Reason the Day After Thanksgiving is Called “Black Friday” · turkey ...

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Recent Questions About: called hot DOG ... in buns, and called them hot dogs because he couldn't spell frankfurter [or dachshund]. This tale is ...

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The term hot dogs was initially a slur. Learn the history of hot dogs, wieners, and frankfurters.

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Apr 23, 2012 ... Did you ever wonder why we call frankfurters "hot dogs"? In this episode we'll learn ... and "Why isn't 11 called onety one?". Read more Show ...

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The history of the Hot Dog is no different. You will find many references throughout history to the origins of a Hot Dog-like thing called a sausage. Here are some ...

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Q: Why are hot dogs called hot dogs?
A: In a cartoon vendors were yelling "Get your hot dogs!" at each other. As a result, the name "hot dog" caught Read More »
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Q: Why are Hot Dogs called Hot Dog?
A: The the phrase "hot dog" was 1st used by cartoonist Thomas Dorgan around 1900 because he couldn't spell frankfurter! Read More »
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Q: Why are hot dogs called "hot dogs"?
A: Apparently, the name originated in the 1800s, when a large number of German immigrants began to move to the US. With them, they brought lots of sausages, but th... Read More »
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Q: Why are Hot Dogs called Hot dogs?
A: The actual term hot dog is attributed to sport cartoonist T.A. Dorgan. He was present at the Polo Grounds in New York during a 1901 baseball game and heard the ... Read More »
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Q: Why are hot dogs called hot dogs ?
A: Etymology. The term "dog" has been used as a synonym for sausage since 1884 and accusations that sausage makers used dog meat date to at least 1845.13] Accordin... Read More »
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