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Death anxiety is anxiety of which the cause of the anxiety is thoughts of death. One source defines death anxiety as a "feeling of dread, apprehension or solicitude (anxiety) when one thinks of the process of dying, ... Predatory death anxiety arises from the fear of being harmed. It is the most basic and oldest form of death ...


Oct 16, 2013 ... Suddenly it hit me: Why are we going to these young people for advice about how to handle our own ... But about dying, I'm not one bit afraid.


Natural Selection discovered a great strategy for driving animals away from objects and actions likely to hurt them: fear. Since I'm scared of lions, I don't try to pet ...


I think of it this way: People aren't afraid of death, they're afraid of the unknown. Although you can believe what you wish, no one actually knows what happ...


fear of death, scared of dying. Question: "How can I overcome the ... Is it anything like people have reported—a bright light? A group of relatives? No one knows ...


Feb 10, 2016 ... But for many--not all, but many--it can mean the opposite. The way so many older people manage the psychic jujitsu of being contented with ...


It's an interesting phenomenon, when the conversation turns to death and dying, you can see it in people's faces. Some are afraid, and some are not.


Share your thoughts about whether people should be afraid of dying. Find out if people really fear dying.


Jun 15, 2011 ... rrrred: People are afraid of death for the same reason as being afraid of the dark, .... I don't think people fear dying, just how they are to die.