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Burial or interment is the ritual act of placing a dead person or animal, sometimes with objects, .... Historically, Christian burials were made supine east-west, with the head at the western end of...

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Dec 31, 2011 ... During a burial today, I noticed the coffin was buried facing East. Where does this ... Some people believe that God moves east to west.

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Tombstones in traditional Western cemeteries usually face east. According to Northumberland County Council, the tradition began when Pagans buried the ...

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Dec 6, 2013 ... ... in fact customary for people to be buried facing the east, reflecting the ... just as lightning comes from the east and is seen as far as the west, ...

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Under Christian traditions, people are buried with their feet pointed ... The burial orientation of placing the head facing the west and feet facing the east is also ...

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Not all burials followed the tradition nor did all cemeteries. ... When the West-east burial position was used, the graves hardly ever aligned with the true east.

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The custom is that the body is buried with its feet facing east, so that when ... However, many Jews are buried with their heads towards Jerusalem (i.e. East) to be ...

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Jan 13, 2013 ... Christian burials have taken place in England for over a thousand ... People were buried with their heads facing west and their feet facing east, ...

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Apr 18, 2014 ... ... different cultures, people have expected salvation from the East. Not only have graves often been oriented toward the East, temples ... The Yumanas of South America buried their dead in a sitting position facing East, the abode “of ... of the dead is in the West and have aligned their graves accordingly.

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In Sunday school they told us you are buried facing the east, the ... EAST....I am very fond of that direction. East or West, it may have been your congregation. ... People from the east were often respected for their wisdom and ...