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Globular cluster


A globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galactic core as a satellite. ... Globular clusters, which are found in the halo of a galaxy, contain .... in such a galaxy is oft...

Chapter 15, Section 4


The seeds of galaxy formation were sown in the very early universe, when .... why supermassive galaxies are often found at the cores of rich galaxy clusters.

formation 10 What is true of spiral galaxies they are - ASTR - 101


Why are super massive galaxies often found at the cores of rich galaxy clusters : they are the result of many galactic mergers; one galaxy growing at the expense  ...

Cosmic Evolution - Galactic


We observe loose and tight spiral galaxies having mixtures of old and new stars, large .... explaining why the big ellipticals reside near the core of galaxy clusters and the ... Such cannibalism may also explain why supermassive galaxies— those ... like our Milky Way—are often found near the centers of rich galaxy clusters.

Chapter 15 | SixDay Science


Also, large-scale structure is covered (galaxy clusters and collisions and superclusters). ... The distances between galaxies are large and are often measured in megaparsecs. ... Messier 87: giant elliptical (E1) at the Virgo Cluster's core. .... When Hubble plotted the redshift vs. the distance of the galaxies, he found a ...

Highlight: November 2014 | Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics


Nov 1, 2014 ... Recent observations of galaxy clusters and of their central galaxies (Brightest Cluster ... total density profiles are well described by the "universal" profile found in .... suggest that it might explain the large stellar cores often observed in BCGs. So far, the effects of supermassive black holes in BCGs can...

Barred-spiral galaxies


The breakout is a recent Hubble view of the the galaxy's innermost core, ...... why supermassive galaxies are often found at the cores of rich galaxy clusters.

From the Ashes of the First Stars | NASA


Mar 23, 2008 ... Found within a galaxy's halo, globular clusters are ancient collections of ... Normal galaxies produce only a couple of new stars per year, but starburst ... In 2008, Hubble observed the galaxy's cluttered core and sparsely populated outer fringes. .... Rich in interstellar gas and dust, the galaxy is home to ...

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1787 items ... Thumbnail image of picture found for this day. ... APOD: 2016 July 22 - Galaxy Cluster Abell S1063 and Beyond .... in 2006 by the Hubble Space Telescope to investigate how galaxies in rich clusters form and evolve. ...... matter as entire galaxies fall into it and feed the supermassive black hole at the galaxy's core.

Hot Gas in and Around Elliptical Galaxies - Annual Reviews


Jun 4, 2003 ... X-ray emission from hot gas in low luminosity E galaxies is diffi- ... their formation and galactic dynamics, big elliptical galaxies are often found near ... galactic nucleus (AGN) associated with a supermassive black hole in the core of .... in the dense cores of rich galaxy clusters, the orbital velocities of cluster ...

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Chapter 24, Section 4


The seeds of galaxy formation were sown in the very early universe when .... why supermassive galaxies are often found at the cores of rich galaxy clusters.

Quiz on Galaxy Clusters and AGN


Galaxies are often found in groups called clusters of galaxies. ... In rich galaxy clusters the most common kind of galaxy is elliptical, while in poor clusters and for galaxies not in clusters, spiral types dominate. 6. ... About 1% of all galaxies show signs of activity in their cores. 11. ... The explosion of a supermassive star. B)...

Astronomy 123 Test 2 November 18, 2011 Name


Nov 18, 2011 ... 6) In a lobe radio galaxy, the ultimate energy source for the entire galaxy is thought ... 8) Why are supermassive galaxies often found at the cores of rich galaxy clusters? ... B) Many globular clusters swarmed together to form it.