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Mrs. van Pels then told Hannah that Anne was a ... was Anne's "best" friend at the time the Frank family went into hiding. ... The van Maarsens were thus able to live out the war years...

The story of Anne Frank: Who is who in the Secret Annex


Short biographies of Anne Frank, the other people in hiding in the secret annex and ... The Van Pels family joins them a week later. ... Peter's father, Auguste's husband Hermann gets irritable when he runs out of cigarettes . ... Warehouse manager Johan Voskuijl knows about the people in the Secret Annex, and helps them.

The story of Anne Frank: Four helpers - Anne Frank House


Miep's husband Jan Gies helps too; and Bep's father Jan Voskuijl is also involved . ... From the moment they go into hiding, the Frank and Van Pels' families - and ...

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In 1939 the Van Pels family moved to the Zuider-Amstellaan, right behind the Frank family, who lived on the Merwedeplein. Otto and Edith Frank often had open ...

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Though she could be severely punished for helping to hide Jews, Miep immediately offers her support. ... The van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer, Miep's dentist, later join the Franks in hiding. ... Find out by reading her interview with students.

The Diary of Anne Frank Mr. Kraler - Cliffs Notes


After Mr. Van Daan's withdrawal from his firm, Mr. Kraler took over the management of ... Mr. Kraler helped the Franks to prepare the "Secret Annexe" as a hiding place. ... After an hour, they ventured out again and hid with a farmer for two days.

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My Preferences · My Reading List; Sign Out ... Mr. Van Daan A Jewish businessman and an associate of Mr. Frank's. He and his family share the "Secret Annexe" with the Franks. ... the business after all Jews have been forbidden to employ Gentiles, and he helps to conceal the group in hiding and obtain supplies for t...

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Find out more about the history of Anne Frank, including videos, interesting articles, ... In 1942, Frank and her family went into hiding in a secret apartment behind her ... In November 1942, the Franks and Van Pels were joined by Fritz Pfeffer ...

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In her diary, Anne gave the Van Pels family the pseudonym Van Daan. ... met the Franks and Peter's father Hermann became a business partner of Otto Frank.

Miep Gies :: Helping the hiders in the Secret Annex

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Miep and Jan went to the Frank family to help them prepare for their disappearance. ... Pfeffer was an acquaintance of the Frank and Van Pels families. ... By coincidence, Miep had seen the Van Pels family home cleared out by a moving ...