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Why Zoos Matter :: Saint Louis Zoo


At the Saint Louis Zoo, we care about animals and their future. ... Zoos deal with living creatures. ... Most important, they learn from observing zoo animals.

Why zoos are good | Science | The Guardian


Aug 19, 2014 ... Modern zoos are much more than a collection of animals and more important than ever.

How zoos are saving our animals – Features – ABC Environment ...


Aug 3, 2010 ... Think that zoos are anachronistic menageries which lock up animals ... The truth is that good zoos are more important today than they've ever ...

BBC iWonder - What are zoos for?


With intensifying pressures on animals in the wild, zoos are becoming ever more important.

Why are zoos important? | Reference.com


Zoos teach young people about animals, which can help fuel interest in conservation. They also serve as rescue and rehabilitation areas. Zoos gives cities a ...

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Jul 22, 2011 ... The first zoo in the United States opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1874. The Philadelphia Zoo remains one of the most important zoos ...

How Do Zoos Help Endangered Animals? - Scientific American


Apr 15, 2009 ... There are more to zoos than putting animals on display.

Zoos Matter - Calgary Zoo


Accredited zoos, located close to home, are the ideal place to make those ... 94 per cent of Calgarians believe the Calgary Zoo is important to the quality of life in  ...

What role do zoos play in modern society? - Quora


The main importance of zoos is their ability to educate visitors and impart a connection to wild animals. If no one had ever been amazed by the sight of a po...

When You Walk Into a Zoo, Are You Helping Animals or Hurting ...


May 2, 2014 ... Can city zoos shift from just displaying animals in time to save ... wildlife the importance of preserving the animals would be welcome, say field ...

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Zoos - Scholastic


Zoos do much more than provide recreation, however. They teach people about the importance of nature. They provide scientists with opportunities to study wild ...

CSA - Are Zoos Necessary - Common Sense for Animals


This was the case with zoological parks, or zoos, as they are commonly .... in the wild, which is important as habitats are diminished and extinction is a threat.

Importance of Zoos – Bowmanville Zoo


Zoos play an important part in education, recreation, and conservation. Every year, thousands of people come to the Bowmanville Zoo to see animals from Africa ...