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ConnectU (originally HarvardConnection) was a social networking website launched on May .... In 2004, ConnectU filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging that creator Mark ... A settlement agreement for both cases was reached in February 2008, ... on or around March 15, 2005, but did not list Chang as a co- inventor.


Facebook is said to be finalizing a settlement with founders of ConnectU, according to sources quoted by the NY Times. ... Posted Apr 7, 2008 by Duncan Riley ... counter case that claimed that ConnectU illegally hacked into Facebook in 2004, ... its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections.


Apr 13, 2011 ... When Facebook took off in 2004, Zuckerberg and another co-founder ... In March 2008, the ConnectU founders filed another lawsuit, attempting ... this week: did Zuckerberg potentially sell a 50% stake in Facebook for $1,000?


Sep 11, 2010 ... The Social Network stars Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg ... Because it was here, on 4 February 2004, that Zuckerberg launched a website .... athletes – the two of them competed in the Beijing 2008 men's pair .... does not mind: after all, virtual friends have less of a tendency to sue.


Apr 11, 2011 ... Court Upholds Facebook Settlement With Twins ... back out of a settlement they signed with the company in 2008. ... Mr. Zuckerberg delayed work on Harvard Connection and instead worked on his own project ... In February 2004, Mr. Zuckerberg released TheFacebook, which eventually became Facebook ...


Apr 12, 2011 ... Facebook agreed in 2008 to settle the dispute over who came up with the ... the original case against Facebook (and Zuckerberg) was brought in 2004 by ... ( originally called Harvard Connection), also a social networking site.


Apr 12, 2011 ... Despite a film that some said unfairly slammed Facebook founder Mark ... upheld a 2008 deal between the trio and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. ... did build on their idea, they didn't create the business that Facebook is. they ... In the same breath, they claim they are suing for moral reasons, which if ...


Jul 26, 2007 ... The plaintiffs are suing Facebook founder… ... In their original complaint, the plaintiffs argue that in January 2004 they hired ... which had the novel idea to connect Harvard college students to one another, with the initial ... Only one fact appears to be clear, Zuckerberg did not contribute code to ConnectU.


Join Facebook to connect with Sue Belcher and others you may know. ... Liver Transplant Coordinator · September 2004 to April 2008 · Little Rock, Arkansas.


Mar 5, 2010 ... A week after he launched the site in 2004, Mark was accused by three ... breached, Woodlock also wrote, “Dorm room chit-chat does not make a contract. .... Through the Harvard Connection-Facebook saga and its aftermath, Mark kept .... In June 2008, ConnectU appealed the settlement in California's ninth ...