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Greenland is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm, located between the Arctic and ... It was from Greenland and Iceland that Norwegians would set sail to discover ... The name of the countr...

The “story” of Iceland and Greenland | Hannibal and Me: life lessons ...


Feb 4, 2010 ... ... information is presented as fiction, they switch on their story brains. ..... The people of those nations did wind up much better off than they .... Pingback: The " story" of Iceland and Greenland - Cristian H. Gomez ... As you note, Erik the Red was indeed fleeing Norway and coined a false name for Greenlan...

How Iceland And Greenland Ended Up With Such Messed Up Names


Jun 3, 2013 ... Yes it's true, the country called Greenland is covered in ice and snow, whereas Iceland has rolling fields of green. But why did things end up ...

How come Greenland wasn't named Iceland and Iceland ... - Quora


Iceland has had many names (see Names of Iceland). The Greek explorer Pytheas knew of a .... The sagas state that he did not get along with his neighbors and his volatile temper meant that he often challenged people in duels. After causing ...

why do greenland and iceland have ironic names?


Oct 14, 2012 ... Answer: The most likely explanation for Iceland's name is that ice was ... is that the Vikings named Iceland Iceland and Greenland Greenland to ...

How Greenland got its Name - Ancient History Blog


Dec 17, 2010 ... Instead of being a beautiful, green island Greenland is icy and cold. ... The secret lies with the Vikings who settled in Iceland and in many different areas of ... A Viking ship did not have a large keel like other sailing vessels did.

Why isn't Iceland called Greenland and Greenland called Iceland ...


Feb 17, 2013 ... It turns out Iceland is much more green and livelier than Greenland and ... much more ice and snow than Iceland(hence the name of this post).

how did iceland and greenland get their names??? (why isn't it the ...


Mar 14, 2009 ... i no they are different but how did they get their names to be opposite.

Why is iceland called iceland, and greenland called greenland if ...


I know Greenland is Icy and Iceland is Green, any answers? ... The names should probably be switched, but who wants to change 1000 .... Actually they did .

Greenland - snopes.com


true, as other historians claim the original name was "ground-land," and ... The first invaders called Iceland and Greenland as such, to make the next ..... want to call Vikings 'Norse' because the Vikings did more than just raid.

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Is Iceland Really Green and Greenland Really Icy?


Jun 30, 2016 ... A longstanding rumor claims the names are a bait and switch. ... So How Did the Names Get Switched? ... name.” Thus, Iceland was named by a sad Viking and Greenland is the slogan of a medieval marketing scheme.

How did Iceland get its name? | Iceland Review


Apr 20, 2013 ... I've heard your theory that Iceland was named Iceland to repel other settlers while Greenland's name was intended to lure other settlers to the ...

The Straight Dope: Shouldn't Greenland be known as Iceland and ...


Oct 23, 2001 ... I'm curious to know about one of the greatest marketing ploys in history, namely, did Iceland and Greenland at one time switch names to fool ...