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Mar 17, 2004 ... People supported Hitler because he promised them what they wanted and needed to hear. The Weimar Republic appeared to have no idea ...

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Mar 30, 2005 ... Despite near-constant warfare, never once during his 12 years in power did Hitler raise taxes for working class people. He also — in great ...

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An examination of why many of the German people supported Hitler. ... fail under Social Darwinism, while those who proved efficient did well, dividing support.

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Mar 1, 2007 ... How could ordinary German citizens support people who were so ... Why did some Germans support the Hitler regime while others opposed it?

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Jan 30, 2008 ... There were still many Germans who were skeptical of Hitler when he ... over a sixth of voters defied the intense pressure to conform and did not vote "yes. ... reckoned that Hitler had succeeded by 1938 in winning the support ...

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Sep 30, 2009 ... Best Answer: The German People supported Hitler for a number of reasons. The scapegoating of the Jews was not a primary reason - I ...

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Jul 23, 2007 ... How could ordinary German citizens support people who were so ... Why did some Germans support the Hitler regime while others opposed it?

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WHY DID SOME GERMAN ... people weren't buying furniture. from my ... Hitler's promise of strong government and stability was widely supported particularly by ...

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Why did the Germans elect Adolf Hitler, thereby unconditionally linking their fate to his person? ... What moved the German people to choose him as their leader? ... Hitler, by contrast, enjoyed the broad support, confidence, admiration - indeed  ...

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Hitler's appeal and his promises. The Nazi party was the people's party. It tried to win everyone's support. Hitler would deliver speeches to German audiences in ...

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Q: Why did people support Hitler?
A: He was their supreme leader, he had the piwer that no one would stand up to. They thought they could never win or surcvive against him. He had an army and money... Read More »
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Q: Why did people support hitler?
A: Germany was spiralling downward as far as economics and other factors. Hitler didn't start out right away with what he was able to get away with in the end. He ... Read More »
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Q: Why did people support Hitler before wworld war 2?
A: Germany was in a sever state of depression due to the treaty of Versailles. Hitler declared that the treaty no longer applied and stated to build up the militar... Read More »
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Q: Why did Military people support Hitler?
A: Because Too Many People Were Affected By Propaganda Which Is Why People Thought He Was Right, Many Germans Didn't Even Know About The Holocaust Until After The ... Read More »
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Q: Why did people support Mussolini and Hitler?
A: To get support for Mussolini from the Roman Catholic Church, religious ed... Read More »
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