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Popes Pius XI (1922–39) and Pius XII (1939–58) led the Roman Catholic Church through the ... Adolf Hitler and several key Nazis had been raised Catholic, but became ..... Hitler and the Nazis were able to garner some modicum of support. ..... Initially, Papen did speak out against some Nazi excesses and only narrowly  ...


In 1933, prior to the annexation of Austria into Germany, the population of Germany was ... Some Nazis, such as Hans Kerrl, who served as Hitler's Minister for Church ... Persecution of the Catholic Church in Germany followed the Nazi takeover. Hitler ... Many historians believed that Hitler and the Nazis intended to eradicate ...


Mar 30, 2005 ... A well-respected German historian has a radical new theory to explain a nagging question: Why did average Germans so heartily support the ...


Germany was in a terrible state. The huge burden of reparations from World War One had ... Adolf Hitler ... It wasn't so that all German people followed Hitler, most eaven were against him. Thy but got .... Basically, it's simply a different tune of what's going on in many countries vis-a-vis migrants and immigrants. “They're going ...


Jan 30, 2008 ... There were still many Germans who were skeptical of Hitler when he ... figures, over a sixth of voters defied the intense pressure to conform and did not vote "yes . ... "For Adolf Hitler yes, but a thousand times no to the brown big-wigs" ... some justification claim the creation of the Führer Myth to have been his ...


Mar 1, 2007 ... Why did some Germans support the Hitler regime while others opposed it? ... What did many Germans do in response to the Great Depression? ... As John Toland points out in his book Adolf Hitler, “Hitler had genuine ...


In many of his speeches during his rise to power, Hitler often spoke about the ... Another reason the Nazis were so attractive to the German people was the extreme ... The Bourgeois and the elite did not want a revolution like that of Russia. ... The Czar further used the protocol to support his anti-Semitic policies in Russia.


Dec 1, 2016 ... Sir Ian Kershaw explains why so many were willing to follow Hitler ... German troops on the Oder front, 25 miles east of Berlin, salute Adolf Hitler.


Still fresh in the minds of many was Germany's humiliating defeat fifteen years earlier during World ... Adolf Hitler gains support by promising to overturn them.


The regime also did not want to frighten a German population anxious about ... In summer 1939, as Adolf Hitler and his aides finalized plans for the invasion of ... Nazi propagandists convinced some Germans that the invasion of Poland and ... For many others, the propaganda reinforced deep-seated anti-Polish sentiment.